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Email Marketing Platform Releases Event Marketing Research

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80% of professional investors will attend physical events within a month of lockdown restrictions being lifted.

This is a key finding from StoneShot’s event research which summarizes the views of professional investors regarding event preferences.

“A year of social distancing has changed people’s behaviors and expectations so we cannot assume that audiences will revert to pre-COVID attendance levels.” said Gavin John, StoneShot Founder and CEO. “Events may be back but they are set to change. Hybrid is the future.”

With the launch of StoneShot’s latest event research, event marketers will be able to gain insight into professional investor opinion regarding physical events, online events and what they expect in the future. StoneShot will also share best practice guidelines and examples of how their clients have delivered successful events in the last year.

A key finding was that 35% of professional investors will divide their time equally between virtual and physical events with 63% saying they will resume physical events from Day 1. This means that hybrid events are here to stay.

Regardless of the type of event, 96% said they would prefer registration to be conducted online.

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