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Engagement Marketing Leader Banzai Hires Growth-Oriented CTO

SaaS-based engagement marketing leader Banzai appoints CTO to drive growth and expansion in the events industry
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Banzai, the premier SaaS-based engagement marketing company, landed a proven Chief Technology Officer with the unique skills and experiences required to steer the company’s technical innovation into the future. Simon Baumer hails from Germany, where he helped turn Verivox into one of the leading networks of consumer portals in the nation as its VP of Engineering. While at Verivox, he led a technology team of over 200 through acquisitions and integrated new technologies that enabled the company to become the national powerhouse it is today. His breadth of experience matches the technology needs of Banzai, and more importantly, the broad plans Banzai has created for the future of engagement marketing.

“Simon brings direct experience, but also a passion for creating and leading category advances that were made possible by market opportunity,” says Banzai CEO Joe Davy. “Mr. Baumer is the perfect fit for where Banzai is and for where it is going as the events industry takes on an entirely new post-Covid direction. Customers need to deliver more now than ever for their customers. The addition of Simon Baumer ensures that,” says Mr. Davy.

Mr. Baumer has over 15 years of direct experience building up engineering teams, creating product management strategies, and integrating acquisition partners as they’re grafted onto existing organizations. Banzai’s growth plans will take full advantage of the skills brought to the company as it moves to continue to outpace the industry and grow its market share. He will streamline Banzai’s already highly regarded product lines, enabling their market adoption and enhancing their marketing capabilities for their customers. One of his special skills that matches Banzai’s competitive advantage is optimizing precision data in micro marketing targeting. The unique ability to micro-target an audience is priceless in the event industry, and Banzai is already out in front of its nearest competitor. With Simon Baumer on staff, Banzai is sure to pull further ahead.

There’s so much growth potential at Banzai; it’s staggering, actually. The events industry has many needs, and Banzai already has some of the best solutions for them. Banzai’s ‘Reach’ is an incredible product that’s at the forefront of perfection. Eventually, I predict it will be routine for marketers to say, ‘Let’s go to Banzai because nothing is better.’ Right now, there is no ‘go-to’ solution, and Banzai is poised to assume that position,” said Baumer. “I’m excited to be here to grow this business, to bring product and engineering together to put them into fighting shape … to make this happen.”

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