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Enterprise UGC Platform TINT Launches Industry-First TikTok Integration

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Today, market-leading enterprise user generated content (UGC) platform TINT has launched an industry-first integration with TikTok, the leading destination for short-for mobile marketing, mobile video martech news.

Taking advantage of TikTok’s API, customers can use TINT’s Chrome browser extension, Content Finder, to curate TikTok videos that align with their brand story and leverage them on their website or physical event display martech.

“Brands continually seek new ways to tell their story through the voice of their customers, it’s the future of marketing. TINT’s integration with TikTok allows brands one more way to use their customer’s voice to tell an authentic and trustworthy story,” TINT CEO Sameer Kamat shared.

Since launching in 2017, TikTok has experienced meteoric success in capturing the Gen Z audience. The app has hit over 1.5 billion downloads and it is maintaining momentum, especially with lucrative younger demographics. This is critically important for brands who want to tap into the tremendous buying power of the generation (an estimated $143B in the US alone), on a platform where users aren’t yet inundated with ads and branded content.

Kamat added: “At 64%,Generation Z currently makes up the strong majority of content creators and consumers on TikTok. For marketers who rely on the buying power of this audience to drive their business, engaging on TikTok and leveraging UGC from TikTok, shows the brand knows their audience and connects with them where they live.”

Cutting-edge brands already using TINT’s platform to tell their story using content from popular destinations like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube include: Loews Hotels, Marriott, Pandora, Nestle, Hormel, AT&T, Great Clips, Shane Co, Michelle Obama (Book tour), World Trade Center, Blake Shelton’s World Tour, Team Trees and others.

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