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EPSG Launches Mobile Application Platform for iOS and Android

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EPSG, a leading integrator of payment technology solutions, announced today the launch of a fully integrated mobile application platform for iOS and Android, creating a mobile office experience for the Company’s partner network. The app is available for immediate download and usage on all Apple and Android devices.

The EPSG mobile app gives partners the freedom to spend more time in the field, focusing on sales, instead of spending time in front of a computer. The app brings a fully integrated desktop experience, featuring real-time interaction with the Company’s state-of-the-art Network Operation Center (NOC), allowing users to send and receive updates for their Cases. Partners will also have access to their merchants’ contact information, providing a quick and straightforward way to reach out to their existing portfolio.

Matthew Byron, President & COO of EPSG, said: “While the Company’s current suite of desktop applications significantly enhances the EPSG partner network’s experience, the Company’s mobile platform takes our partners’ accessibility to the NOC to the next level. We feel that the mobile office experience will provide a significant boost to the speed of interactions with the NOC.”

The Company plans to continuously invest in the new Mobile Office platform. In the summer of 2022, the Company will introduce a robust Mobile CRM feature, with an automated marketing platform that will significantly extend the reach of our partner network. The app will also include a location-based mapping system for prospective and existing merchants, which will work seamlessly with a mobile device’s native navigation software.

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