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Epsilon Loyalty Index Launches in Australia

A robust, quantitative measure of consumer attitudes that shape retail consumer loyalty

Epsilon, a leader in outcome-based marketing, today announced the launch of Epsilon Loyalty Index Australia 2022. Using proprietary methodology, Epsilon converted survey results from 2000+ respondents across 4 retail categories and 40 brands into an index forming a proven relationship between loyalty drivers, attitudes, and actual consumer behavior. This study covers retail brands across Beauty, Apparel, Groceries and Banking. Epsilon Loyalty Index is a benchmark for retail brands to assess themselves against best-in-class brands.

“Australia leads the way in the evolution of consumer and brand-centric loyalty marketing. Epsilon Loyalty Index Australia 2022 combines 50+ years of expertise in loyalty marketing with consumer understanding and insights, unique to Australia. As Epsilon scales, we look forward to partnering with enterprises that believe in the power of modern marketing driven by data and technology.” Ashish Sinha – MD, Epsilon APAC & MEA.

“Loyalty in Australia is evolving from transactional, points-based redemption platforms to hyper-personalized programs. For this, brands need measurable and rich understanding of customers and their expectations. Epsilon Loyalty Index delivers the promise of making brands successful, adding value to consumers. When business goals are achieved in service of consumer expectations, it’s a win-win, and that’s the purpose at Epsilon.” Collin Larijani – Head of Solution Consulting, Epsilon, Australia.

With looming deprecation of third-party cookies, brands are investing in technologies that build first-party data. Driving consumer engagement on brand-owned platforms de-risks dependance on walled gardens limiting marketers, offering segment-level information. Epsilon Loyalty Index is part of the larger Epsilon loyalty strategy, empowering brands to design personalized engagement strategies, aligning business objectives with member needs. This helps brands stay ahead, delivering NextGen value-led loyalty marketing programs.

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