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EternityX opens its first global office in London

A strategic expansion that helps brands tap into the valuable Chinese population in the UK and Europe economies
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EternityX, China’s leading AI omnichannel marketing platform which offers one-stop customised solutions for brands to precisely connect with consumers through a performance-driven AI algorithm, is set to open a new office in London that will connect brands with consumers through cross-border, cross-culture e-commerce and service offering initiatives between China and the United Kingdom.

The opening of EternityX’s first office in London is the company’s first step in expanding outside of the APAC region into Europe. Marking the company’s ninth office and the first headquartered in Europe, the London office will enable EternityX to help brands tap into Chinese consumers outside China’s boundaries.

Charlene Ree, Founder & CEO of EternityX, said, “The opening of our first London office is a testament to EternityX’s commitment to prepare for its journey in Europe, and supporting brands in the UK and the EU as they build their business eminence. It is also the right time for brands to be building connections and relationships with Chinese consumers, whether in China or locally — brands are picking up on how valuable the local Chinese population is for the UK and Europe economies. The Chinese population in the UK has grown substantially in recent years. Chinese consumers tend to engage more in e-commerce channels, therefore we aim to tailor future campaigns toward creative production and end-to-end e-commerce solutions.”

To this end, EternityX has launched a campaign for AVEVA, a Britain-based multinational information technology consulting company. AVEVA was looking to enhance brand awareness in the China B2B market and through EternityX’s comprehensive media strategy, they managed to increase traffic by over 125% in just three months. Enabled by smart data applications, EternityX helped identify the best-fit audience focusing on high-performing industrial regions in China.

Leading the London operation is Benny Cheuk, who has served as Head of Business Development in the EMEA region since April 2020. Cheuk boasts rich experience in sales and account servicing and cross-border marketing.

“I am beyond excited for the debut of EternityX’s London office,” said Cheuk. “The international hub of the UK and beyond, London will serve as a unique domain for EternityX to increase its growth in European markets, where the demand for digital AI solutions is certainly on the rise. The UK is also home to a large Chinese population, with 33% of the country’s ethnic Chinese population residing in London. Our latest office will fortify EternityX’s role as a cross-cultural connector between regional brands and Chinese communities.”

The new London office will focus on connecting brands and consumers through all-around services in media, technology, content, and transactions between China and London. For more:

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