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Event Store Cloud Has Entered General Availability

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Event Store, the business responsible for maintaining the open-source database EventStoreDB and Event Store Cloud, is pleased to announce that Event Store Cloud has now entered General Availability (GA). Event Store Cloud has a comprehensive feature set, automated provisioning to AWS, GCP, and Azure, a managed EventStoreDB, estimated monthly billing, and more.

Event Store Cloud is already being used in Production by users in a variety of industries, from online business support to logistics tracking. With this announcement of Event Store Cloud entering GA, Event Store is looking forward to supporting more users migrating their local EventStoreDB instances to the cloud or setting up EventStoreDB instances for the first time in the platform.

“Event Store Cloud General Availability is a significant milestone both for Event Store and EventStoreDB users. We have seen tremendous interest in the Preview phase with enterprises moving into Production and many more in Test and Staging. Thanks to the teams participating in Event Store Cloud Preview, your feedback has been super valuable. EventStoreDB is seeing remarkable growth and has ambitious plans. Event Store Cloud is key to making it easier and safer to adopt and run your ‘source-of-truth,’ critical, production workloads,” says Dave Remy, CEO at Event Store.

Event Store Cloud allows access to a managed version of EventStoreDB, with features including a non-lossy, immutable, context-preserving database structure, optimistic concurrency checks, and great performance that scales. With Event Store Cloud, users have access to all these features securely through their own cloud resources.

It’s a fully managed service that’s designed to make it easy for developers to build and run highly available and secure applications that incorporate EventStoreDB without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. It’s fully compatible with the existing EventStoreDB database product, enabling existing users to easily adopt the solution.

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