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EventMobi’s New Social Dashboard Empowers Event Marketers

EventMobi’s new Social Dashboard empowers event planners, marketers and social media managers to execute more effective social strategy and better event experiences.
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Over the past decade, event planners and marketers have increasingly relied on social media to drive registration, engage attendees and increase brand awareness. With the current oversaturation of content across key social channels, an untapped opportunity lies in understanding what content, channels, and influencers have the biggest impact. EventMobi’s new Social Media Analytics Dashboard easily tracks and aggregates keywords and hashtags across various channels to help optimize social content, identify influencers and engage attendees on-site with a media wall display.

The new Social Dashboard has 4 unique features:

1. Real-time Hashtag and Engagement Tracking: To help event marketers understand what the world is saying about their conference, festival or tradeshow.
2. Influencer Management: To identify and monitor key influencers.
3. Social Account Monitoring: To understand your follower demographics, while offering insight into the most effective attributes of your post.
4. Media Wall: To engage attendees on-site with aggregate visual posts on large displays.

“Event planners are constantly being pressured to increase registrations and show the event’s ROI. With social media now being such an important tool to promote an event and increase awareness, being able to quantify that influence and reach has never been more critical,” says EventMobi CEO, Bob Vaez. “The most exciting part about this new release is that event managers and marketing directors are now able to quantify their event’s investment in social media with real-time data. Combined with the event app analytics already available within our event app platform, the amount of data available at the tip of their fingers will be very impactful martech news.”

The end result is that event managers and marketing directors can be confident in the resources they allocate to social media marketing; while event planners, marketers and social media managers can execute more effective social strategy and better event experiences.

With the recent announcement of EventMobi’s event marketing and advanced registration platform, EventMobi is excited to develop new features and tools that help event marketers and planners better promote their event and engage attendees on-site martech.

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