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Evolv AI Announces Free AI-Led Site Assessments for Online Conversions

Evolv AI

Evolv AI, a leader in digital experience optimization, is excited to announce its new AI-led UX site assessment feature – FREE for everyone.

Evolv AI’s free UX site assessment is an emailed report that gives insight into where your digital experiences are underperforming, and provides prioritized, contextual UX recommendations to help businesses advance.

Evolv AI lets users provide business-specific information like brand guidelines, user research, experiment results, and user interactions. The information is retained and analyzed to reapply in future assessments for tailored, and more precise UX recommendations.

How the Free Site Assessment Works:

  1. Submit Your Page URL: Business owners provide the URL of the webpage they wish to optimize.
  2. Receive AI Insights: Evolv AI’s platform analyzes the page, generating a detailed list of optimization suggestions based on deep learning algorithms and vast data analytics.
  3. Implement & Excel: Businesses can apply these insights to improve their website’s performance, enhancing both user experience and conversion rates.

Explore a free interactive tour of Evolv AI’s automated UX recommendations.

“Our free UX site assessment feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to optimize their digital experiences but have limited resources for UX experimentation,” said Tyler Foster, President and CTO at Evolv AI. “Our recommendation engine distills generalized learnings from millions of experiments and extensive UX research to deliver custom, contextual recommendations to our end users. Our AI also predicts which UX improvements will yield the highest returns, so you can focus resources strategically.”

Businesses interested in transforming their digital experiences can now take advantage of Evolv AI’s cutting-edge technology with no initial investment, ensuring they are providing their visitors with the most compelling digital experiences possible. Explore an interactive demo or start your free site assessment today

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