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EvolveMKD’s BrandWave Reimagines the Traditional Marketing Funnel

Third Annual "Evolution of Communication" Unveiled

EvolveMKD, a New York City-based marketing and communications firm, announced the launch of BrandWave™ – a proprietary new tool developed to help marketers better understand and fine-tune the ‘waves’ their marketing activities make. BrandWave enables brands to reimagine the consumer journey, from the “noise” brands make all the way to how these ‘waves’ impact purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.

EvolveMKD conducted the third annual Evolution of Communication study to gather key marketing data across 50 U.S. based brands spanning more than 20 industries. Data from this study was used to create BrandWave, a dynamic reinvention of the 125+ year old marketing consumer funnel, arming EvolveMKD and brands alike with a new way to redefine the way marketers view and act on the consumer journey.

“BrandWave enables companies to better understand if their marketing activities are being heard – by whom – and how they can better fine tune their message and their volume,” said Megan Driscoll, CEO and Founder of EvolveMKD. “The traditional consumer funnel, a mainstay of corporate marketing for over a century, is no longer adequate in understanding customers’ pathway to purchase. We took a deep dive into the ‘roaring buzz’ brands like Coca Cola and Amazon make, compared it to the ‘growing rumble’ of companies like Charlotte Tilbury and Eli Lilly. We then developed a true representation of the waves brands make – coining this the ‘BrandWave.’ This enables our clients to evaluate the efficacy and relevancy of their marketing activities more effectively.”

A few highlights identified in the BrandWave study include:

  • Stability across the wave is key: volatility is an indicator of inconsistency and lost opportunities
  • Brands with similar waves share interesting commonalities regardless of industry
  • Awareness is a critical measure of brand health, but without continued noise on the right channels, consumers can be quick to tune out even the most well-known brands
  • Dramatic fluctuations downward draw attention to a brand’s pain points, while dramatic swings upward project hidden opportunities

Marketing professionals and communications experts are now able to leverage BrandWave in the same manner as a consumer funnel, while gaining vastly greater understanding around nuanced moves to help guide consumer strategies.

“This is our third year undertaking a research project to get a better understanding of how Americans engage with brands’ communications; from traditional media, social media, to digital advertising and experiential events,” said Alex Christian, Vice President of Research and Analytics at EvolveMKD. “We receive questions daily about the consumer funnel – our clients have strong data, but the funnel approach fails to provide sufficient answers on what we need to do to drive action. Consumers no longer live in a declining, linear funnel, and the patterns, pitches, and amplitude of BrandWave is marketing for the new age.”

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