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Exela launches DrySign enhancing business Intelligence

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Exela Technologies, Inc. (“Exela”) (NASDAQ: XELA) today announced the launch of its proprietary electronic signature platform, DrySign, on the Indian market. Following a successful release in the US and Canada last year, Exela’s DrySign is set to mark its entry into India’s digital space. Powered by Exela’s secure and intuitive digital signature technology, DrySign lets the user sign online documents and facilitates remote document delivery, archival, and administration-no paper required.

As an integrated, easy-to-use digital signature solution packed with a host of innovative features and benefits, DrySign allows businesses to sign documents seamlessly from any internet-connected device. Besides helping companies save a lot of time and resources, DrySign makes transactions secure, transparent, and tamper-proof. What’s more, DrySign offers some of the most cost-effective plans in the market. With monthly plans available for as less as Rs. 177, DrySign beats the majority of its competitors on price. The pricing plans can be viewed here.

“With digital transformation rapidly progressing in India, DrySign will arm businesses with a powerful tool that can streamline operational bottlenecks and set the roadmap for a paperless future,” said Sandeep Sapru, Senior Vice President, APAC, Exela Technologies.

DrySign holds a certification from eMudhra, one of the leading licensed Certifying Authorities under the Information Technology Act of India issuing digital signature certificates in India since 2008. Apart from being sustainable, it offers robust features such as individual and multi-party signature workflows, powerful audit trails, custom notifications, upgraded security, document archiving, and many more.

“In this era of digital transformation in India, cutting-edge tech like e-signatures is what businesses need to thrive efficiently amidst highly competitive market dynamics,” added Srini Murali, President, Americas, and APAC, Exela Technologies.

DrySign is designed to integrate seamlessly with other applications through an API. In the current era, with virtually every industry involved in remote work and contactless dealings, DrySign’s launch in India will facilitate an effortless online signing experience for SMBs, large enterprises, and startups alike.

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