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Experts Identify Top Social Media Trends for 2023

Social media is ever evolving but one thing remains the same - investing in a social media presence remains critical to business success. Here experts predict the big trends to expect online in 2023.
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According to the leading digital marketing agency Brisbane wide, Zib Digital, as brands begin gearing up for 2023, they will need to find more innovative ways to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. As consumers continue to demand integrity and authenticity, brands and social media channels will have to adapt.

Zib Digital says brands need to be focused on creating more meaningful experiences and brands that embrace social media content as a form of entertainment rather than advertising will be better positioned to connect with their customers. As the shift to a raw content approach continues, consumers increasingly want to see brands sharing more genuine content without flashy editing. Creating human-first content that is less focused on sales and is more raw, authentic and honest will resonate better with audiences.

Interactivity is also a must, presenting the perfect opportunity to build and nurture relationships with the audience, explains Zib Digital. Brands can easily introduce Q&A sessions in their stories or on reels, which not only enables them to speak directly with their audience, but it also provides an opportunity to highlight the benefits of their product or service.

As social media increasingly becomes the go-to place for brands to connect with their customers, Zib Digital says brands should be looking to create dedicated in-channel support to resolve customer questions or concerns.

While predictive analytics isn’t new, Zib Digital expects to see more marketing and social media professionals start to integrate this into their processes. Using existing data, predictive analytics can provide accurate and valuable predictions on future outcomes, bringing plenty of potential for brands to better understand their customers.

As the premier digital marketing and SEO agency Brisbane wide, Zib Digital works with all types of businesses to deliver campaigns that grow and scale over time, with a goal of optimising a business’ investment for the best possible cost per lead.

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