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Extu’s Successful Introduction at Dallas Build Expo

A Groundbreaking Debut for GoTu Grow

Extu, a leading innovator of marketing technology for the building industry, made a strong impact at the Dallas Build Expo held on April 23rd and 24th, in Dallas, TX. The event, which brought together building professionals, real estate experts, and industry enthusiasts, provided an ideal platform for Extu to showcase its brand-new product, GoTu Grow.

A Strong Debut

Extu’s debut of GoTu Grow at the Dallas Build Expo was met with enthusiasm. Attendees were eager to learn about GoTu Grow, Extu’s innovative marketing solution offering targeted email campaigns and thought-leadership articles. The interactive demos showcased how the platform streamlines campaign-building, enhances efficiency, and promotes brand awareness. Attendees were keen to explore GoTu Grow’s potential for boosting their bottom line and market share.

Branded for Customers to Build Recognition

GoTu Grow allows businesses to seamlessly incorporate their brand identity into their marketing efforts. Each article features the customer’s logo prominently, maintaining a consistent visual presence that reinforces their brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression on their prospects and clients. Extu takes this a step further by integrating their content with social media accounts, allowing businesses to automatically share their thought-leadership articles across platforms. This strategic approach not only reaches a wider audience but also ensures that companies stay top of mind with their prospects, fostering brand loyalty and ultimately increasing their bottom line.

Strong Feedback from Industry Experts

During the Expo, Extu conducted live demonstrations, showcasing the product’s capabilities. Industry professionals, including realtors, contractors, and facility managers, were impressed by the intuitive interface, seamless integration, and potential cost savings. Feedback ranged from “spot-on” to “integral for helping build market share with our audience.”

Looking Ahead

Extu’s successful introduction at the Dallas Build Expo has sparked interest among industry leaders and potential clients. The company remains committed to refining its product based on valuable feedback and expanding its reach within the building industry.

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