Eye Square Announces Full Membership in ARF

Participation in the leading U.S.-based advertising research organization will support innovation in “meaningful attention” measurement and analysis
Eye Square

Eye Square, a leading global provider of market and media research solutions with headquarters in Berlin, is proud to announce its full membership in the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) beginning in 2023. Through this membership, Eye Square seeks to contribute to the industry’s ongoing evolution from purely technical (impression-/exposure-based) measurement toward truly meaningful tracking, measuring and analyzing consumer attention across all digital ad channels.

With the global digital advertising market estimated to grow well beyond $600 billion in the coming year, needs and opportunities for the market research community abound. High-traffic digital channels, including Instagram, Meta, TikTok and YouTube, are now an essential pillar in any brand’s digital media strategy. Simultaneously, retail platforms such as Amazon are now significant platforms for e-commerce. Recognizing the value in testing and measuring advertising collateral in context on these platforms, Eye Square has committed to research that finds the meaning and value in consumer attention across all of them.

With its strong roots in implicit research and eye-tracking technology, Eye Square focuses on a unique integration of science, technology and art, bringing this expertise to bear on InContext solutions for brand and media research challenges. Neuroscientific research, behavioral science and technological experience support the company’s wide range of InContext solutions for all digital channels, from digital TV to social and retail media.

Eye Square’s Ad2Cart and InContext technologies are deployed worldwide by the leading market research companies. Eye Square’s unique neurosemiotic model represents a research breakthrough for the advertising industry, helping marketers to go beyond mere perceptions to understand and analyze customer attention on cognitive and intuitive levels. In partnership with ARF, Eye Square intends to increase awareness of these important technologies and demonstrate the importance of measuring meaningful attention to drive the future of effective advertising forward. “Meaningful attention” is the most recent industry advance from measuring just impressions to measuring engagement to now being able to measure and assess meaningful attention.

“For Eye Square, ARF represents a perfect partner as we aim to take a larger role in shaping the overall direction of the advertising industry,” said Ephraim (Jeff) Bander, chief revenue officer at Eye Square. “The members and leaders at ARF share our commitment to innovation and our vision for a future of advertising that goes beyond surface-level measurement to understanding the meaning behind customer attention, intent and actions. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that leads to better advertising outcomes for marketers and consumers alike.”

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