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Facebook rolls out the “More Together” campaign to promote consumerism.

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Facebook has launched a global very impactful advertising campaign making it a consumer push marketing strategy. The main intention of this campaign is to make consumers realize how the services offered by Facebook bring together communities, India being the center of attention this year martech news.

The campaign’s ads are laser-focused on conveying the message of ‘more together’. Dentsu Taproot, the creator of the campaign, did that by showing how the in-app services of Facebook have the strength to establish connectivity among widespread communities. These stories are inspired by voyages in the lives of people in the real world.

This campaign includes ads in 8 different languages features on digital, cinema, radio, TV and many more to be able to outreach maximum people across the country. The first TV ad was directed by Shimit Amin social media advertising.

Transparency and trust being the gist of the campaign, the ads show how Facebook has an impact on the user persona and emotions and is instilled in their lives. The story of a group of friends celebrating Holi and using Facebook to find and re-create the essence of Holi online for a friend who now lives in Romania is one among multiple, created by the creative team and led by Pallavi Chakravarti.

This campaign is a huge attempt by Facebook to showcase its significance in the lives of a variety of people in India.  Facebook’s offerings are helping people promote local business, connect, reconnect and network and bringing people closer together. The impact of this campaign looks promising and might add to the user base.

How successful the campaign will turn out to be? Martechcube is the platform to catch those insights on. This publishing site provides exposure to several martech related news and information.

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