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Fast Simon Launches Personalization at Scale for Targeted Audiences

Using Shopper Intent, Fast Simon Personalizes the Customer Journey, Analyzes Impact on Personalized Campaigns

Fast Simon, the leader in AI-powered shopping optimization, today announced the availability of its Audiences – Personalization at Scale. By creating an integrated approach for targeted audiences, eCommerce merchants can design a total personalized shopping experience by type of customer and measure the impact of campaigns for current and future shopper groups.

Reports show that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when a brand offers a personalized experience. Using Fast Simon, merchants can create relevant and personalized targeting by selecting suggested customer groups, including anonymous shoppers, frequent buyers, search abandoners, high-intent, and one-time shoppers, recent buyers, and many more.

The new Audiences module allows merchants to:

  • Personalize for Anonymous Shoppers: Deliver a personalized experience for anonymous shoppers throughout their journey through collections, search, upsell, and cross-sell.
  • Import Audiences from Klaviyo: Seamlessly import customer segments from email or SMS marketing and enrich them with real-time behavior data for better targeting.
  • Use Time Frames to Create Specified Relevant Groups: Determine any audience segment, such as cart abandoners, frequent or one-time customers, within the past six months or the past year to customize personalization campaigns.
  • Define Audiences and Apply Past and Current Shopper Data: Combine real-time browsing behavior with data from a customer data platform to create a meaningful shopper experience based on past purchases, geography, and intent.
  • Deliver Detailed Analytics of Personalized Campaigns: Gather clear, concise analytics to contrast and compare personalization campaign impact.

And as with all of its products, Fast Simon does not collect any PII customer data to ensure shoppers’ privacy remains intact.

“Personalization is indispensable in making customers feel valued and in creating customer loyalty, trust, and engagement,” said Zohar Gilad, co-founder and CEO of Fast Simon. “Too often, merchants personalize a sliver of the customer journey or remarket only to current customers. Fast Simon is taking personalization to the next level. Our AI uses real-time personalization in collections, search, and recommendations, based on shopper behavior and intent, which translates to a much higher conversion rate.”

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