Featuring releases a redesigned self-influencer marketing platform

AI Platform filtering out "fake influencers" to enable low-cost and high efficiency marketing
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The key to influencer marketing, which is now established as an essential marketing strategy, is “low cost and high efficiency”. However, given the environmental nature of influencer marketing using SNS accounts that anyone can easily access, a problem of fake accounts and inactive accounts has been pointed out as its loophole and shortcoming amid its rapid growth.

Actually, in the case of recent influencer channels, there are numerous fake accounts with unclear identity and inactive accounts with many followers but with a low reach rate or influence. Such accounts are hardly identifiable at a glance, so brand companies are reluctantly taking the risk and concerns of decreased campaign efficiency.

To address the problem,, an influencer analysis platform, released a redesigned self-influencer marketing platform to increase the marketing efficiency by thinning out fake influencers.

Featuring’s self-influencer marketing platform provides a campaign performance predictor and management tool by extracting fake influencers and discovering powerful influencers using an AI analysis technology that assess the influence of SNS accounts. As much as approximately 150 techniques are used to identify fake influencers.

The AI technology distinguishes service accounts followed by fake accounts and comment types, and analyzes comments on postings. It also weeds out an insignificant comment by verifying if the comment is only favorable or it has led to an actual purchase. Such data make up the basis of real marketing to find the right influencers who can bring optimum marketing effects.

The Featuring’s exclusive data and knowhow accumulated in the process above enable companies to search influencers all over the world and analyze their influence real time, and also carry out custom campaigns with the influencers that best fit their products. Currently, approximately 3,500 Korean and foreign companies are using the Featuring’s platform and approximately 3,000 influencers are using it as their choice.

Featuring said that they are planning on the release of an influence-based matching service as well. The new service is expected to bring various effects in finding and utilizing talented influencers with a huge influence, not to mention influencer marketing.

“We intend to gather influencer-related contents and products data and process them into significant marketing indices for our services. Our goal is to become a hub of influencer marketing by helping many companies utilize informative data”, Featuring said.

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