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FEVO launches AI beta for social commerce and ticketing platform

Industry-first AI Integration Will Change the Ticketing Industry

FEVO, a leading social commerce technology company, has announced the launch of an AI beta for its social commerce and ticketing platform, the industry’s first generative AI toolkit.

This groundbreaking innovation will leverage large language models (LLMs) to enhance FEVO’s enterprise platform for merchants, providing sellers and marketers with unparalleled efficiency at every step of the conversion funnel, from audience segmentation and targeting to the deployment of new sales campaigns.

“At our very core, we are a productivity platform for merchants and consumers,” said FEVO CEO and Founder Ari Daie. “Our mission is to make our clients’ lives easier, and enabling AI on our platform will give them hours back in their day, allowing them to create differentiated campaigns at scale in seconds. Not only will this drive sales and efficiency — it also means more time to focus on the things that only a human can accomplish, like cultivating relationships with customers, partners and investors. And for the consumers, we’ll leverage AI to make their transactions and interactions with the brands we service more intuitive, fun and seamless. Combined, these innovations will have multiplier effects on loyalty, revenue and consumer satisfaction.”

FEVO will utilize generative AI in three key areas:

  • Automation of workflows and offer creation
  • Productivity tools to give sellers and marketers more time for other tasks
  • Automation of campaign management

Since its inception in 2016, FEVO has been a pioneer in social commerce, introducing industry-first sharing and networking tools into the ticketing process for more than 750 blue-chip brands in sports, music and live entertainment. Now, FEVO will bundle its sophisticated social-commerce tech with smart AI, another first in ticketing and live events.

FEVO’s mission from day one has been to operate at the bleeding edge of culture and commerce, analyzing trends in technology and consumer behavior to better prepare its partners for the future of online shopping. And there is no technology trend more important in 2023 than Generative AI, which uses machine learning to analyze large amounts of data and then turn that data into new ideas, solutions and content.

FEVO’s AI beta will roll out in a phased approach starting this summer and is set to reshape the ticketing and social commerce industry.

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