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FiscalNote Announces Partnership With Peraton

By Uniquely Combining Advanced AI Technology from FiscalNote’s Predata Platform with Peraton’s Mission-Critical Solutions, Customers Are Better Equipped to Identify, Analyze, and Address the Rising Tide of Disinformation

FiscalNote Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NOTE) (“FiscalNote”), a leading AI-driven enterprise Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) technology provider of global policy and market intelligence, today announced a unique partnership between FiscalNote’s Predata solution and Peraton – the world’s leading mission capability integrator for national security solutions – to leverage Predata’s advanced AI-driven platform for analyzing online research patterns alongside Peraton’s unparalleled mission expertise in the information domain to equip and empower customers to address and tackle the increasingly chaotic and complex digital data ecosystem.

FiscalNote will help enhance and align Peraton’s trusted relationships with existing customers by bringing in the Predata solution to expand its impact and ability to deliver innovative, proprietary AI-powered solutions at scale and speed and more effectively than ever before. Additionally, FiscalNote’s Predata solution will leverage Peraton’s renowned team of experts to accelerate the innovation of its platform and enhance its models – providing powerful new capabilities that can immediately empower warfighters in the data information environment.

The ongoing collaboration between Predata and Peraton provides actionable solutions for joint customers who seek to understand, address, and surmount the rising threats and challenges in the information environment, geopolitical strategic competition, and hybrid warfare. As the digital battlefield around the weaponization of information and data expands in scope, complexity, and resulting adverse impacts, the fusion of Peraton’s expertise and methodologies with Predata’s AI solutions provides the best opportunity to meet the resulting national security challenges.

“FiscalNote is the leading provider of AI-powered technology solutions that enhance the speed and effectiveness of critical decision-making for leaders and customers in both the public and private sector. At a time when the geopolitical stakes couldn’t be higher, the Peraton-Predata partnership will allow both companies to exponentially expand our ability to serve existing and new customers in the national security space and adjacent sectors – such as the rapidly growing global security, information warfare, and cybersecurity markets. By using Predata’s AI solutions, customers will be even better equipped with sharper and more impactful insights designed to inform customers about emerging risks before they materialize. We are excited about scaling this partnership and accelerating Predata’s ability to offer its cutting-edge AI technology across the public sector marketplace,” said Josh Resnik, President & Chief Operating Officer of FiscalNote.

“In Peraton, we’ve found a partner who shares our resolve and passion for supporting information warfare missions while also bringing an unmatched level of expertise in information warfare, social science, and mission integration,” said Josh Haecker, CEO of Predata. “Our capabilities are powerful and game-changing for our customers, but we’ve seen an exponential increase in mission impact and time to insight once our solutions found their way into the hands of the Peraton team. It quickly became apparent by working together as partners we could solve more problems for more customers and truly help government agencies and other public sector entities grapple with – and ultimately surmount – the rising challenges in the information domain.”

“As we saw Predata become integrated into our customers’ workflows, we were immediately struck by their ability to measure the effectiveness and performance of friendly and adversary messaging in a unique fashion, previously unthinkable,” said Dr. Mike Berger, Chief of Research, Information Warfare, Peraton. “I’ve been supporting USG missions in the information environment for the past 13 years, and one recurring problem over that time has been the challenge not just of measuring if a message is spreading, but also measuring if the message is proving effective. Predata proffers an important piece of this assessment mosaic—one that meets the tactical speed necessary to support customers on the front lines of information warfare. Compared to some more traditional forms of research and intelligence collection, I’ve seen our customers able to get answers on messaging effectiveness within hours rather than within days, weeks, or months, and this nimbleness—along with the unique insights that Predata has to offer — will be a key differentiator in the future of information warfare.”

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