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Fivetran, Snowplow, and Hightouch Unveil CDP Alternative

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Industry-Leading Tools Promote Use of the Data Warehouse to Provide Customer 360 Views

Fivetran, Snowplow, and Hightouch, industry leaders in their respective fields of ELT, behavioral data creation, and data activation, today unveiled an alternative to traditional Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), a market that is expected to grow from $3.5 billion in 2021 to $15.3 billion by 2026, according to MarketsandMarkets.

The unbundled, or composable, CDP solution enables organizations to quickly leverage their existing data warehouse as the single source of truth for their data, and complement that platform with the industry-leading solutions necessary for data capture, transformation, and activation.

By putting the data warehouse at the center of the data strategy, composable CDPs address key challenges data teams face within the enterprise.

  • Leveraging pre-existing data, rather than replicating data in a separate platform, to meet flexibility and scalability requirements.
  • Reducing silos to make it easier to create advanced data applications.
  • Adopting tools that make the data in the warehouse holistic, flexible, and actionable to enable data engineering teams to meet the evolving expectations and requirements of the business.

“A CDP is not magic—at its core it is a large user actions table. A data warehouse is the perfect platform for this, allowing organizations to accelerate data-driven decisions and business impact,” explains Fraser Harris, VP Product at Fivetran. “Fivetran automatically centralizes data from all systems of record across all business functions—data like point-of-sale, CRM, or data science models that organizations can’t take action on with a traditional CDP. Our partners enable collecting user events, identity resolution, and audience building to complete an unbundled approach.”

“Agile and modular, composable CDPs are designed for ongoing evolution, and are easy to update as your business needs change,”  explains Alex Dean, co-founder and CEO from Snowplow.  “The fuel for these personalized campaigns?  Richly contextual BI and AI-ready behavioral data.”

“Business impact should be the primary focus of the data engineer,” argues Tejas Manohar, Co-CEO at Hightouch.  “By unbundling the CDP, data teams can sync the data from the warehouse into the tools they already use to, for example, power personalized marketing campaigns in email marketing tools and ad platforms.”

Learn more about the Unbundled CDP from Fivetran, Snowplow and Hightouch at a webinar: Promises and Perils of a Customer Data Platform on Thursday, April 28 at 12pm ET.

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