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FlexRule® recognized a Top Decision Management & Automation Platform


FlexRule® was positioned as a top decision management and automation platform by Forrester’s AI Decisioning Platforms Landscape, Q1 2023.

The report says enterprises can leverage FlexRule®’s comprehensive decision management and automation platform to build any domain-specific application for effective decision-making. FlexRule® showcases an array of decisioning use cases, a few being business process routing and pricing decision automation solutions. Its key focus is on healthcare, financial services, and the Government sector while also having its footprint in other industries.

This report directs Technology leaders in precisely choosing the vendor partner for their decision automation journey. It provides insights into how AI decisioning platforms empower enterprises to dramatically improve automated decisions for efficient operations and personalized customer experiences, with reduced risk and industry-leading competitiveness. It says AI decisioning platforms are excellent at the overall decisioning lifecycle, adding to why enterprises should adopt AI decisioning platforms.

According to Forrester, “AI decisioning platforms are software that provides enterprise business and technology teams with tools to author, automate, and ameliorate business decision logic in a wide variety of applications by leveraging combinations of decision intelligence technologies such as business rules, machine learning models, mathematical optimizations, and more.”

One of the major aspects of the report is how the markets for AI decisioning and AI/ML platforms will merge. One of the major aspects of the report is how the markets for AI decisioning and AI/ML platforms will merge. Regarding this note, FlexRule® says that with its advanced Decision intelligence, it provides a solid composite AI approach allowing organizations to pick the proper AI techniques and train algorithms out of the box using its AutoML engine, or allowing teams to bring their own trained ML algorithms (BYO) to the platform with FlexRule®’s multidisciplinary AI technology.

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