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Flowcode Unveils New Platform: Boosting Offline to Online Conversion


Flowcode, a marketing technology platform, today unveiled a groundbreaking, reimagined product designed for marketing and analytics teams at F1000 companies focused on measuring and maximizing offline conversions. This latest product moves consumer data beyond mere impressions into actionable insights from a brand’s highest-intent customers. With a suite of advanced features, including automated personalization, robust analytics, and seamless third-party integrations, Flowcode again sets a new standard for connecting offline experiences with online action.

Flowcode’s emphasis on Offline Conversion Rate Optimization (O-CRO) addresses a critical gap in the market, offering enterprises a powerful tool to combine real-life experiences with digital tools. Brands across industries have already adopted Flowcode for its ease of use, security, and effectiveness in increasing consumer engagement. From personalized QR codes on physical products to dynamic landing pages for events and campaigns, Flowcode ensures that every touchpoint is an opportunity for conversion and a setting for consumers to immerse themselves in a brand experience

“We’re not just launching a new product; we’re charting the direction for how brands effectively reach and convert customers where they are,” added Tim Armstrong, CEO of Flowcode. “Flowcode empowers brands to build direct relationships with their target audiences through creative, real-life experiences that we believe will drive the future of brand relationships and ultimately brand success.”

Key Features of Flowcode Version 2:

  • Personalized Experiences: Flowcode integrates seamlessly with data feeds, such as product catalogs, MLS listings and more to automate the creation of personalized, QR-enabled user journeys. This empowers brands to deliver unique, tailored experiences for consumers resulting in significant increase in conversion rates.
  • Conversion Analytics and FlowIDs: The platform provides in-depth conversion analytics and insights, allowing brands to track conversions, understand their audience’s behavior through FlowIDs, and optimize their marketing strategies in real time.
  • CRM and Marketing Automation Integrations: With seamless integration across CRM and marketing automation platforms, Flowcode improves workflow efficiency and powers the expansion of zero-party databases.
  • Workspaces and Collaboration Tools: Flowcode 2 is designed to support complex organizational structures with advanced collaboration features through Workspaces. These tools facilitate teamwork across marketing, analytics, and administrative departments for cohesive and efficient operations.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance: Flowcode 2 is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and SOC II regulations to ensure the highest standards of data privacy and security, This makes Flowcode a reliable and secure solution for enterprise customers who prioritize consumer safety and regulatory adherence.

“We’ve drastically improved and expanded Flowcode’s capabilities working with our enterprise clients who needed a scalable platform solution to ingest and effectively leverage extensive data sets,” said Mike Hamrah, CTO of Flowcode. “Flowcode’s technology goes far beyond scans and transforms consumer data into insights that inform effective, targeted marketing strategies with unparalleled depth and precision.”

As enterprises continue to blend their digital and physical marketing efforts, Flowcode has launched the most powerful tool to support marketers evolving needs with a platform built for scale, security, and complexity. Flowcode enables CMOs and marketing teams to retarget consumers cost-efficiently and precisely with in-depth data to better understand how consumers are choosing to engage with their brand. With these Flowcode insights, brands can better customize experiences that resonate with high-intent customers – driving higher conversion rates.

“Flowcode revolutionizes marketing by seamlessly integrating offline and online experiences. What truly sets Flowcode apart is its unrivaled data capabilities, enabling us to design innovative campaigns, deepen audience engagement, and create lasting impacts beyond traditional methods. With access to extensive audience insights, we’ve elevated our marketing strategies to deliver personalized experiences that resonate more profoundly with our fans,” said Blaine LaFleur, CEO of Vested Marketing.

Flowcode invites enterprises to experience the future of offline to online conversions with its newest product. For more information about Flowcode 2 and to request a demo,

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