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Fooji Unveils Social Gifting for brand Loyalty and other fronts

The simple and secure platform makes engaging with and rewarding fans effortless, while enabling authenticity and brand loyalty at-scale
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With the increasingly noisy social media landscape, it has become difficult for brands to connect with fanbases authentically. That’s why Fooji, the leader in brand engagement, is excited to announce the launch of Social Gifting, a self-service platform that makes nurturing direct relationships with fans on social media effortless.

Fooji’s Social Gifting platform enables brands to engage with the most important voices within their community: their fans. Especially for large brands, meaningful surprise and delight efforts, marketing to attract and nurture consumer relationships by giving fans unexpected rewards, can be challenging to execute at-scale and require a lot of logistical inconvenience. For example, sourcing and storing swag, shipping and managing a gift catalogobtaining and maintaining user information – on top of developing a creative engagement strategy. Social Gifting modernizes brands efforts, making it simple for social teams to surprise fans, VIPs, media, influencers, mass mailing lists and more with unexpected rewards, swag and extra personalized attention seamlessly right from their social media accounts, allowing for greater connection and brand loyalty.

“The humanization of brands has become the industry standard, and the best place to make a human connection with a community is on social media. When a brand grows, it’s challenging to maintain the level of authenticity and direct connection needed to foster these relationships with fans and brand advocates,” said Gregg Morton, Founder and CEO of Fooji. “We’re thrilled to be launching Social Gifting, the platform that makes it easier for brands to create genuine, long-lasting personal relationships with all of their fans that evoke brand loyalty and have a direct impact on the bottom line.”

Fooji’s Social Gifting platform offers versatile applications for rewarding diverse fan voices, all from a platform that easily integrates into all social networks. Through the platform, brands can safely and securely collect fan info, source and select prizes, get real-time inventory tracking from Fooji’s warehouse, route and track individual prizes and survey fans to collect brand-specific insights. The easy-to-navigate platform enables meaningful engagements between the world’s most iconic brands and their fans on social media, which leads to long-lasting relationships, top-of-funnel leads and ultimately, brand love and loyalty.

For any engagement campaign that requires management of brand data and personal information, safety, security and protection are the utmost priority. When partnering with Fooji, brands can rest easy knowing they are in good hands, exemplified by the brand’s SOC 2 certification and experience deploying hundreds of campaigns with industry-leading brands.

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