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Full Circle Insights Enhances Customer Journey View for Marketers

Unique Visualization Feature Maps Out Digital and Non-Digital Touchpoints Across Sources and Over Time, Showing Prospect Opportunities from Creation to Close
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Full Circle Insights®, Inc., maker of comprehensive sales and marketing performance measurement solutions, today announced a major enhancement to its popular Digital Source Tracker product: Journey Explorer, which allows marketers to visualize the customer journey. Digital Explorer maps out prospect touchpoints over time, via digital and non-digital sources, illuminating the customer journey from opportunity creation to closed deals.

Digital Source Tracker allows marketers to measure the impact of all digital programs on pipeline and revenue inside the CRM. It’s a powerful tool, the first to allow marketers to connect clicks from digital advertising, social channels and other digital outreach to leads and opportunities inside the CRM, which is the de facto revenue reporting system at B2B organizations. Digital Explorer is a new feature that allows marketers to see which channels, vendors and programs drive, accelerate and influence revenue.

Digital Explorer charts the customer journey over time, allowing users to customize time periods to visualize any specific day, week, month, quarter or year. The charts display touch count within the chosen time grouping, providing a clear and visual representation of digital and non-digital interactions that lead to an opportunity. Marketers can customize category filters to examine campaign performance by time and UTM source for visual insights on how digital and non-digital programs drive opportunity creation.

In 2020, digital ads made up more than half of total U.S. ad spend for the first time ever, making the ability to track the origins of opportunities and prospects’ progression through the sales funnel even more critical. Digital Source Tracker makes that possible inside the CRM, and last year, Full Circle rolled out dashboards to enhance digital marketing efficiency for marketers who use the Full Circle Method, a framework that drives smarter campaign investments. Digital Explorer adds another dimension.

“For marketers, the customer journey — the steps customers take toward a purchase — is critical. Marketers analyze data to pinpoint where campaigns come into play at each step,” said Full Circle Insights President and CEO Bonnie Crater. “Digital Source Tracker gives marketers a more complete picture by showing the influence of digital campaigns inside the CRM, and the new Journey Explorer feature provides a visual representation, which no other martech tool can match.

“With Journey Explorer, marketers no longer have to wonder how a customer progressed from Point A to Point B,” Crater continued. “Now they can see all of the touchpoints, whether they occurred offline or on a digital channel, including the point when opportunities were created and closed. That’s unique in the martech space, and it will help marketers make better decisions and operate more efficiently.”

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