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Full Circle Insights Rolls Out Marketing Analyst Service to Accelerate Value Delivery

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Full Circle Insights®, Inc., maker of comprehensive sales and marketing performance measurement solutions, today announced the launch of the Full Circle Marketing Analyst Service, a new program designed to help customers optimize their marketing mix with funnel metrics and attribution to achieve ROI more quickly. The company also announced that its Digital Source Tracker tool, which captures digital engagements, including anonymous touches, from digital channels to more accurately measure the effectiveness of online campaigns, will be available to all customers starting in September.

In May, Full Circle Insights announced the appointment of new executives to drive martech innovation including Liz Kao, Vice President Products and Rochelle Richelieu, Vice President Customer Success. Michael Korch, an experienced B2B marketing director, has also joined the team, lending his perspective not only as a demand generation specialist, but also as a previous Full Circle Insights customer.

“Our team’s combined experience and insights are helping us move into the next phase of growth, which is driven by a renewed focus on product development and using the experience we’ve gained to deliver value more quickly,” said Bonnie Crater, Full Circle Insights President and CEO. “With our new Marketing Analyst Service, we’re distilling what we’ve learned from hundreds of customer engagements to prescribe processes that let customers hit the ground running on funnel metrics and attribution, so they can generate ROI faster.”

“By expanding the availability of Digital Source Tracker, we’re providing customers with an unmatched ability to capture anonymous digital touches from prospects and track those digital engagements along the customer journey. This provides insight on outcomes, especially revenue, so digital marketers can allocate spend and optimize their marketing mix more effectively. It’s an exciting time because we’re focused on accelerating value and sharpening the competitive edge we offer,” said Liz Kao, Vice President Products at Full Circle.

Full Circle’s new Marketing Analyst Service will help customers generate a return on their investment more quickly by:

  • Providing easy access to experienced marketing operations and analytics personnel
  • Identifying key trends in marketing program results into options and suggestions for future planning
  • Creating critical new reports and strategic dashboards that map to marketing and business goals

Full Circle Digital Source Tracker, which has been in beta testing with a select group of customers since the new product was announced in May, allows marketing teams to connect the dots between digital advertising clicks, social channels and other online sources to leads inside the company’s CRM platform. By using Digital Source Tracker, companies can connect a prospect’s anonymous digital touch with a lead in the revenue system of record, providing a more complete view of marketing results.

“As a three-time customer of Full Circle Insights, I’m thrilled to be joining this innovative team, as I share its vision of connecting marketers to the metrics they need through the use of full-funnel attribution,” said Michael Korch, Director of Marketing.

Built 100% on the Salesforce® App Cloud, Full Circle Insights products close the gap between data and insights and reveal the connection between pipeline and revenue. To find out more, please visit

About Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights delivers marketing and sales performance measurement solutions to optimize a company’s marketing mix and drive more revenue. The company offers multi-touch attribution, comprehensive funnel metrics and lead management technology. Built 100% on the Salesforce App Cloud, Full Circle Insights’ products complement leading marketing automation solutions.

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