Fullpath to Automate Google’s Vehicle Ads with New Integration


Fullpath, automotive’s leading Customer Data & Experience Platform (CDXP), announced today its integration with Google’s Vehicle Ads (VA) program to streamline data, reduce manual work, and increase efficiencies for automotive dealerships in North America. Effective immediately, dealerships can now take advantage of Fullpath’s automated data connection with Google’s VA program.

Fullpath’s CDXP is a sophisticated, multi-layer platform that helps customers execute marketing campaigns more efficiently. Instead of manually uploading vehicle feeds daily into Google’s ad platform, automotive agencies and in-house marketing teams at dealerships can now automatically build and submit vehicle inventory lists directly to Google Ads through Fullpath. Not only does this save time for dealerships, but it also ensures the dealerships are advertising accurate, available inventory to in-market shoppers.

Fullpath’s automations are hyper-focused on creating exceptional shopping experiences for today’s consumers that expect speed and personalization at every step of their shopping journey. This new integration contributes to the overall mission of making car buying simple by  arming dealerships with top technology and integrations.

“Fullpath’s newest automation with Google is exactly what we’re all about: integrating data, strategy, and processes for our dealership partners so they can take their sales and marketing operations to the highest level while constantly utilizing innovation,” says Idan Mishal, COO at Fullpath. “Google has been an essential partner for us as we build the next generation of automotive technology for our clients and partners with a plethora of automations and AI-powered solutions.”

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