Adtech Simplifies Ad Targeting with AI

New feature allows users to develop targeted audience plans through AI-driven conversations

FullThrottle Technologies, LLC, an end-to-end, first-party data-powered technology company that helps marketers identify, curate, and target audiences, announced the launch of its Audience Planner fueled by Generative AI, a new product allowing users to start a conversation with the platform to create draft audience plans. The Generative AI-informed Audience Planner relies on the user’s integrated first- and third-party data to identify audiences that meet highly targeted criteria.

According to recent research from McKinsey, Generative AI could contribute up to $4.4 trillion in annual global productivity; the same report expects the productivity of marketing to increase by five to 15 percent as a result of Generative AI. New tools backed by Generative AI also allow advertisers to extract more value from their owned data, informing addressable campaigns with highly-defined audience targets.

The new Audience Planner from dramatically simplifies the process of creating and implementing targeted advertising audiences. Users can simply type their business goals into the platform; the Audience Planner will immediately generate a draft audience plan based on the content of the prompt. The Audience Planner also allows users to develop plans specifically for partners including Spectrum and iHeartMedia.

“While advertisers and publishers have been talking about the importance of first-party data for years, the sudden emergence of Generative AI has now made it possible for these parties to walk the walk, creating first-party data-driven marketing plans with ease,” said Amol Waishampayan, CPO of “Additionally, with our new solution advertisers can also connect AI-driven marketing campaigns to business outcomes using our simple and safe attribution tools, and these tools will only get better as more of our customers use and refine our platform over time.”

The new Audience Planner fueled by Generative AI allows advertisers to create audiences for unique segments of shoppers, allowing users to easily target potential customers by interest, purchase history, location, and precise buying window.

Sample prompts used by clients include:

  • Create a plan to sell more hybrid and electric vehicles
  • I want to reach people who buy luxury goods
  • I want to find people who are planning to move
  • I want to target previous customers in my DMA most likely to make another purchase
  • Create a plan to sell more doors and windows to residential customers
  • Find the customers most likely to book a vacation at our resort

“Audience and media planning based on a client’s objectives can be an incredibly time-consuming task that can delay bringing a strategic marketing decision to market,” said Tim Pickard VP at Malone Media Group. “We are now able to write out the specific business challenge our clients are trying to solve and within minutes have a 1st party audience activation plan draft created. The result is an immediate and highly effective, targeted audience that previously would have taken us much longer to set up and then deploy.”

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