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Fusion Connect announces the results of customer experience survey

More than one in four companies will jump to a competitor after a single negative experience
Fusion Connect

Fusion Connect, a leading global managed communication service provider (MCSP) and Microsoft Cloud solution provider, announced today the results of its customer experience survey, which demonstrate the significant impact even a single negative customer experience can have on businesses. The survey, conducted in partnership with Gartner Peer Insights™, revealed that customers are willing to spend more in exchange for better service and will take drastic measures if they don’t receive it.

According to the report, which surveyed 300 executives and directors across the information security and information technology industries, 91% would pay more per year to receive better customer service. A majority (52%) would pay 6-15% extra and about a quarter (24%) are willing to pay whatever it takes to receive a better experience.

Coming through for the customer has its benefits, as 56% say a positive business experience encourages them to either continue using or invest more in the product or service, and 40% will recommend it to others.

“Businesses that disregard the value of quality customer service are making a grave mistake,” said Rod Brownridge, SVP Customer Support at Fusion Connect. “Customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business, yet too many companies overlook its significance, thinking of it as an expense rather than an investment. With outstanding support, businesses can attract and keep customers and discover countless new opportunities for growth.”

Failing to prioritize the customer experience will lead to unhappy customers and declining profits. Nearly half (45%) say they would file a complaint or respond negatively to a survey after one negative experience with a supplier. Others take more drastic action: 21% said they would never do business with that supplier again, 15% said they would reduce their spending with that supplier, and 6% would change suppliers.

“A negative customer service experience doesn’t end as soon as the interaction does,” Brownridge said. “It can turn customers away forever, leaving lasting damage to a company’s reputation and bottom line.”

Other highlights from the study include:

  • Interactions shouldn’t be complicated. The most important element of customer service is a seamless experience (37%), with no technical glitches or difficulty connecting with the provider, and a quick resolution of the issue.
  • Reliability goes a long way. Customers value reaching the provider when and how they want (25%) and connecting with a person who knows them and can help resolve their issue (16%).
  • Relationships blossom from accessibility and care. Over half (55%) of those surveyed feel emotionally connected with a business when they can reach customer care via multiple channels, and 31% experience that emotional connection when they feel the company cares about their needs.

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