FutureDial upgrades refurb software for customization, intelligence


FutureDial Incorporated, a premier provider of automation solutions for the smart device reverse supply chain, delivers integrated modular systems to a diverse clientele. Entities include enterprise-class players such as Tier-1 wireless carriers, mobile device refurbishers, third-party logistics providers, mobile device insurers, and mobile phone trade-in, buyback and e-commerce reseller operators. FutureDial’s cutting-edge technology solutions, which have performed over 300M transactions enable these companies to dramatically increase processing efficiency, improve resale product quality, and run and manage profitable businesses worldwide.

To date, FutureDial’s processing tech has conducted more than 1.2 billion functional tests on preowned mobile devices, ensuring their quality for resale. The demand for FutureDial’s innovative solutions remains robust, exemplified by the rapid adoption of their latest flagship offering, SMART Receive™. Launched in January 2023, SMART Receive™ has already processed over 11 million mobile devices, streamlining the intake and software processing of mobile devices in refurbishment warehouses, transforming how businesses handle the influx of traded-in devices as customers upgrade to the latest models.

FutureDial’s software suite offers a seamless range of solutions, from stand-alone, manually operated systems to highly configurable, intelligent packages designed for scalability, efficiency and workflow optimization in mobile device processing. FutureDial’s lineup also includes automation-enabled options, integrating the same core software capabilities into modular robotic solutions tailored to specific processing functions.

Building on this solid foundation, FutureDial is expanding its software offerings to provide more tailored and customized solutions for specific use cases and diverse market segments. FutureDial’s President and CEO Frank Harbist explains, “Our software platforms have always been the most configurable in the industry. Now, we are advancing further with pre-packaged and pre-customized solutions optimized for varied customer environments.”

Mr. Harbist outlined examples that illustrate the breadth of FutureDial’s solution offerings:

  • Optimized Performance Packs: Pre-configured bundles specifically for clients seeking the highest processing performance and rapid turn-around
  • Tailored Checks and Validations: Robust and highly customizable process capabilities that ensure maximum value for clients and their downstream customers.
  • Dynamic, Situation-Specific Automation: Make intelligent routing decisions during the receiving process and throughout all stages of device refurbishment.
  • Decision-Support and Information Management: Real-time “control-tower” management from a single console, allowing clients to track and manage metrics, set process improvement goals, and provide valuable data to maximize downstream sales and profitability.

These advancements empower FutureDial clients to manage their operations dynamically and efficiently, driving overall business success regardless of the client’s scale or scope.

Jeremy Witt, FutureDial’s VP of Product Management, highlighted the expansion, noting enhancements across the company’s stand-alone software, receiving suite, and modular automation systems. “These upgrades include pre-configured solution capabilities that will shorten time to value, combined with advanced intelligent process capabilities that leverage AI and rules-based systems,” Witt noted. “The enhancements are designed to assist clients in deploying an optimal workflow, and make business decisions that significantly improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness.”

Mr. Witt highlighted the transformative impact of one of FutureDial’s latest products, Decision Manager™. This innovative module operates seamlessly in the background across all deployed solutions bridging the gap between business need and technology by bringing intelligent automation into every facet of the mobile device refurbishment process. “FutureDial’s latest intelligence enhancements are revolutionizing our solutions, delivering dynamic workflow management in real-time,” he explained. “By integrating a customer’s business handling rules at all points throughout the process, our systems can significantly reduce the time and effort to test and adjust business logic and ‘if-then’ handling behaviors, driving both time and cost savings as well as unlocking new sources of revenue for our clients”

Through these innovations, FutureDial remains at the forefront of the industry, offering highly customizable and scalable solutions that automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and unlock the value of data for enhanced profitability. To learn more about FutureDial Inc. and its suite of intelligent software and automation solutions for smart device processing, visit their website at , or contact FutureDial at .

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