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Gamut Launches New Technology Platform with Self-Serve User Interface Streamlining the Local OTT Media Buying Process

New infrastructure better enables advertisers to deliver targeted, local OTT campaigns at national scale
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Gamut, a Cox Media Group company, continues to innovate in the local OTT advertising space with the launch of a new proprietary technology platform powering Gamut TOTAL®, its local OTT video advertising solution. Designed to simplify the local OTT media buying process, the new platform with a self-serve UI uses technology to allow buyers to activate orders with just a few clicks martech news.

The new platform and online portal seamlessly manages the full process of planning, buying and airing local OTT campaigns, allowing advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns in real time. With full integration into Media Ocean and Strata, the platform utilizes a proprietary planning tool to help clients understand the availability of local inventory, and accurately forecast media plans with TV like calculations such as GRPs and broadcast calendar flighting martech.

“Gamut TOTAL is a homegrown platform, so it allows us to derive insights and inventory directly from our exclusive publisher partnerships,” says Soo Jin Oh, SVP of Client Solutions and Strategy at Gamut. “The resulting data enables us to identify critical variables like the number of people who watched an ad, recalled the brand, walked into a physical store and ultimately purchased the product. This allows us to execute local campaigns more efficiently and drive better ROI and business outcomes for our clients.”

“Gamut is a trusted OTT partner of ours and has always held themselves to the highest standards of service and integrity.  We rely on them for their accurate forecasting and dashboard level reporting which allows us to provide all our clients with the transparency so essential in today’s media business,” said Nicole Torres, SVP, Managing Director of Local Audio Video Investment at Havas Media programmatic display marketing. “It is great to see Gamut investing in their technology platform as they continue to lead the local OTT space and help us to create the most meaningful media experience for our clients.”

As a preferred partner of 100+ major broadcast, cable and premium content providers, Gamut offers advertisers brand-safe premium content and full channel reporting transparency. Additionally, Gamut’s integration with Nielsen Marketing Cloud, and work with Gracenote and Placed powered by Foursquare, provide brands with the data-driven audience targeting needed to scale their local market OTT campaigns with precision.

“We are committed to driving innovation in the local OTT advertising space,” says Dennis Cook, VP of Marketing at Gamut. “By leveraging technology, we have created a platform that streamlines the buying process for our clients and allows them to better target and reach the local OTT audiences that matter most to their businesses.”

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