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Gantic debuts diversity-focused ad marketplace CAMP

First of Its Kind Programmatic Solution Reaches DEI Audiences In Easily Accessible, Highly Efficient Ways

GANTIC, a curator of hard-to-reach, response-driven, highly scalable programmatic marketplaces, announced the launch of its first product, The Cultural Accelerator Marketplace (CAMP). Created in partnership with cultural data and measurement company The Cultural Inclusion Accelerator (CIA), CAMP reaches multicultural audiences at scale – increasing value performance and efficiency.

CAMP is a first-of-its-kind programmatic solution powered by first-party contextual and cognitive data applied to thousands of diverse-owned and operated publishers/networks. With a focus on specificity, CAMP has an overlay of over 250 audience identifiers, activating highly responsive PMPs directed to uniquely curated audiences. CAMP’s cross-channel reach includes CTV, video, display, native and contextual. With dataset refreshes in real-time, multiple safety applications, and cultural relevance and testing, CAMP connects with the DEI audience in ways that are easily accessible, efficient, brand-safe, transparent, and highly effective.

CIA’s inclusive syndicated measurement solutions enable marketers to see and act on consumer’s authenticity, which uncovers powerful cultural and diversity insights. It’s Diverse Media Multiplier (DMM), fuels CAMP with a proprietary metric that measures the potential increase in cultural resonance, affinity, trust and sales generated by diverse, targeted media publishers. This leads brands towards higher quality connections that improve their campaign performance across Asian, Black, Hispanic, People with Disabilities and LGBTQ audiences.

“DMM is more than just a tool; it’s a game changer for brands because it is proven that diverse-owned and targeted media boost purchase intent up to 56% compared to mass market media. This purchase intent lift is incredibly valuable to brands that understand the importance of connecting with diverse audiences with culturally relevant communications,” said Carlos Santiago, Co-Founder, CIA and the ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive Multicultural Marketing (AIMM).

CAMP is the first product to be released by GANTIC, an affiliate company of leading independent full-service agency, Quigley-Simpson. With the mission of revolutionizing the way digital advertising operates, GANTIC was founded on direct response principles, mainly that the most valued audiences are ones that respond more frequently, purchase more, and spend more over time. The company establishes turnkey, seamless solutions that operate without reliance on cookies and are adaptable across multiple screens, ensuring privacy with protected data.

“The fragmentation of the media landscape means that the consumer journey includes more touchpoints than ever before,” said Zevi Tilles, Director of Programmatic Marketplace Management & Sales, GANTIC. “GANTIC is focused on removing the complexity of reaching audiences by overlaying proprietary data that empowers our platforms to pinpoint highly responsive subsegments. Our first product CAMP is an example of doing this with scale and specificity as drivers. We believe this is the programmatic solution for brands today and for the future.”

In addition to CAMP, GANTIC will be rolling out a series of response driven marketplaces in the travel, consumer goods, not-for-profit, telecommunications, auto, insurance and financial services categories.

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