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GDR welcomes Roni Millard, the marketing leader, to help to build several offerings

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Roni Millard, the former GM marketing of InfoTrack and CM050 honorary, has stepped up to take on the executive leadership of managing director of GDR to build out the agency offerings of the company.

Roni seems rather excited to build out the new digital and advertising agency despite the additional challenges that have emerged because of the crises created by the COVID-19 outbreak, in fact, she is all set to embrace these difficulties.

Roni stated that she revels in solving problems, injecting, and building up the structure, frameworks, and processes and mechanics to fill the inefficiency gaps.

One major reason for her taking up this job is that she gets the opportunity to mentor and coach the staff and develop high-performance teams.

Roni stated that the GDR role offered her all the above-mentioned opportunities and many more, in the industry that she loves. She said that she is excited to work on building out this new agency of digital marketing and advertising by building a loyal customer base and juggling all the different pieces expertly that are needed to ensure the prosperity of the company, especially amidst the current crisis ecosystem. She feels that even though these challenges are monumental, they just fuel her fire.

She stated that she and the company are working towards development by launching a full-service global media house which will definitely go above and beyond for serving their clients and supporting them in telling their story to their customers in such a way that ultimately, they make additional money. Roni and her team will be completely dedicated to the success of their clients with creativity and ethical practices.

Roni Millard is all set to build this ad and digital marketing agency from the ground up into a full media house. To know more about news and information from the field of martech, follow the martech cube. Martech cube delivers regular updates about the daily activities in the martech industry. 


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