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Genesys Launches the Next Chapter in Customer Engagement

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New digital-first product transforms the customer conversation beyond transactional chat interactions to intuitive digital experiences that build trust and loyalty

Genesys®, a global cloud leader in customer experience orchestration, announced Genesys DX, the company’s new standalone digital customer engagement offering. Genesys DX leverages the company’s CX expertise and Genesys AI, predictive engagement to enhance the conversational AI and dynamic knowledge base capabilities from the Bold360 acquisition, which closed in May.

Companies have shifted more business to digital interactions based on the rapid changes in consumer expectations and a pursuit of new potential customer touchpoints. Traditionally, they approached the engagements as singular interactions through various digital channels or on transaction-oriented, conversational platforms. In today’s consumer-defined landscape, businesses need to create empathetic experiences across digital interactions like web chat, messaging and chatbots that build trust and loyalty with customers. Genesys created Experience as a ServiceSM to deliver empathy at scale – and this digital frontier galvanizes this new direction for an industry in transformation.

Genesys DX, available today, enables companies to move the customer experience beyond the transactional chat interactions that are common today to deliver intuitive conversations that customers welcome. With each customer engagement, Genesys DX will get smarter about how to improve their experiences throughout the relationship lifecycle based on dialogue, responses, and preferences. Genesys DX helps companies understand customer needs and predict customer intent with groundbreaking capabilities, including:

  • Always-On Engagement: Customers’ expectation for rapid reciprocal engagement from businesses when and where they decide to initiate it. That means companies need to be at-the-ready. With Genesys DX, companies can deliver always-on engagement – showing up immediately to help by providing the right information to address the need as empathetically and swiftly as possible. A centralized knowledge platform gives companies to provide fast access to information, while simultaneously leveraging the voice of these customers to continuously enhance the experience.
  • Human Intuition for All Digital Interactions: Digital has become a preferred channel for its convenience and fluidity; however, there’s great value in incorporating the best aspects of a human agent interaction. Genesys DX enables companies to apply human-like intuition in all digital engagement by combining a real-time, 360-degree view of customer touchpoints and contextual data. The new capability goes well beyond the traditional concepts of passive sentiment analysis – empowering companies to stay ahead of the customer by proactively addressing needs and guiding them toward a resolution and a better customer experience.
  • Faster Scale to Wow: Companies drive toward outcomes as best as possible with resources that are fixed, but business is dynamic. Now, companies have an intuitive solution that delivers value in weeks, making it easier than ever to delight customers. Companies can easily design and launch conversational intelligence to create smart self-service on the most popular messaging channels. Agents can work smarter with easy-to-master AI and actionable insights and intuitive workspaces.

Comments on the News

  • “The world of customer engagement has changed fundamentally with the majority of consumers preferring digital experiences,” said Barry O’Sullivan, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genesys Digital and AI. “Businesses must adapt to meet new customer expectations for rapid, reciprocal engagement. With Genesys DX, companies can now engage customers with always available, intuitive digital conversations that are predictive and proactive to build trust and loyalty.”
  • “Consumers around the world turn to us and our family of iconic outdoor, active, and workwear brands to live and enjoy their best lives,” said Richard Donaldson, Director, Digital Product Management, VF Corporation. “We want to enable our brands to provide an amazing consumer experience at every opportunity and across every touchpoint. With Genesys DX, we have a standalone digital platform to deliver empathetic customer engagement anywhere in the experience.”

Genesys DX Availability

Genesys DX is available today. To learn more, please visit

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