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GetResponse Introduces AI Email Generator


GetResponse, a comprehensive and easy-to-use email marketing solution, today announced the enhancement of its AI/ML capabilities with the launch of their AI Email Generator. The company is one of the market’s early adopters of OpenAI’s GPT technology.

The solution aims to help marketers and business owners drastically reduce the time it takes to create their emails and deliver more relevant, engaging content to their subscribers.

Users simply enter key details about their email (such as the intent, occasion, and target audience), and it is created in seconds. The main advantage of the solution is that it generates all content for their email, including the copy, the subject line optimized for increased open rate, and the design, such as layouts, photos, and colors.

“We truly believe that this AI Email Generator is the solution that both marketers within big companies, SMB marketers, and small business owners, have needed for a long time,” says Przemek Pipiora, Lead Product Manager at GetResponse.

The solution is also designed to improve personalization and performance tracking within email communications. As the technology fully covers all content aspects of email, marketers can dedicate more time to creating personalized contact segments and sequences and then analyzing their performance, thus optimizing their communications further.

“Businesses often don’t have resources for a dedicated person to create and optimize their emails, or marketers themselves might not have the time to do so, meaning they are not fully leveraging on the key marketing channel. Our beta test with users showed that creating a newsletter became 6x faster, slashing the average time from 19 minutes to less than 3 minutes. That’s a perfect tool for those who are just getting started with email marketing,” added Pipiora.

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