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Giant Eagle’s Leap Media Group Joins The Rippl Data & Media Network

Advertisers now have access to more than 70 million individual shopper profiles

Bridg, a division of Cardlytics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDLX), today announced that Giant Eagle’s Leap Media Group, the regional grocer’s in-house retail media network, has joined the Rippl data and media network – a purpose-built collective among regional grocers, convenience stores, and advertisers. As one of the country’s leading regional grocers, Giant Eagle’s addition further enhances Rippl’s unique offering that solves the long-standing partnership challenges created by first-party data constraints, aggregated data limitations, and disparate measurement approaches.

Powered by Bridg’s market-leading, cookieless identity resolution technology, Rippl significantly enhances regional retailers’ first-party data and provides advertisers with a single access point to a national footprint of more than 70 million anonymized shopper profiles (loyalty and non-loyalty) with SKU-level purchase data and enriching attributes. Using previously unavailable insights, advertisers can now tailor audiences based on actual product preferences, effectively execute single campaigns across multiple retailers, and consistently measure campaign performance across a data and media network that is now the fifth largest provider of grocery and convenience store first-party, verified shopper data in the United States. 

With a focus on easy access and effective utilization of data, Rippl will also allow advertisers to create and leverage audiences their way, including via leading identity solutions like Unified ID 2.0. This means advertisers can access syndicated audience segments through leading DSPs such as The Trade Desk and data collaboration platform LiveRamp, or create custom audience segments based on unique advertiser requirements.

“We cannot be more excited to welcome Giant Eagle to the Rippl family,” said Amit Gupta, Cardlytics’ Chief Operating Officer and Bridg GM. “The addition of this industry leader, joining Schnucks Markets and National Retail Solutions, will extend and amplify the collaboration between regional retailers and advertisers – driving enhanced shopper engagement, top-line growth, and improved ROI for all ecosystem partners.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are now partnering with Rippl, a first-of-its-kind collaboration for regional retailers and advertisers,” said Justin Weinstein, Executive Vice President of Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Giant Eagle, Inc. “Giant Eagle takes a customer-first approach to everything we do, and working with Rippl is helping Leap achieve winning outcomes for customers, CPG partners, and for our brand. Rippl allows us to do this while upholding Leap’s ongoing commitment to prioritizing consumers’ data privacy.”

With Giant Eagle’s Leap Media Group joining the Rippl family, the entire retailer partner ecosystem will see the benefits that come along with new advertiser investments while advertisers will further fuel personalization at scale, drive substantial incremental visits and spend, and take campaign accountability to new heights.

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