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Glance showcases intelligent Guided CX™ at Genesys Xperience

New features drive innovation in CX orchestration

Glance, a leading provider of customer engagement solutions, is excited to announce its participation in Genesys Xperience, taking place May 13 to 15 in Denver. At the event, Glance will showcase its innovative, intelligent Guided CX™ functionality, an impactful element of customer experience (CX) orchestration for enterprises at the leading edge of digital and human customer engagement.

The demo will highlight breakthrough Glance Guided CX features and APIs:

  • Intelligent Connect: This feature enables organizations to auto-start Glance sessions based on the end users’ specific journey point of friction or need. It offers customers a proactive and expedited experience, seamlessly transitioning them from chat or voice interactions to a Glance session without unnecessary clicks or token exchanges.
  • Applied Intelligence: Guided CX utilizes a robust data pipeline and enhanced points of extensibility to leverage real-time data, advanced analytics, and AI. This synergy facilitates a spectrum of hybrid experiences blending digital, AI, and high-value human interaction. These experiences are reinforced by measurable outcomes reflecting customer and brand benefits.
  • Mobile and web native: Glance’s Guided CX functionality extends across both website and mobile platforms, ensuring a consistent and seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.

“For organizations implementing or exploring the impact that GenAI combined with Glance can have on their customer journey orchestration, Intelligent Connect offers a way to automate deliberate and proactive human collaboration sessions that directly impact CX KPIs like CSAT, NPS, customer retention, and revenue growth,” says Chris Duncan, VP Solutions Engineering at Glance.

David Butler, SVP of Product & Strategy, adds, “While self-service is crucial for cost-saving in contact centers, over 90% of customers strongly prefer human interaction for complex issues. Therefore, strategically allocating human effort to foster loyalty and satisfaction is crucial in the current landscape. AI shows promise in guiding this allocation, directing human resources to pivotal areas and moments for optimal results.”

Glance Guided CX empowers enterprises to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by facilitating informed human assistance within digital, in-person, and phone-based customer interactions. By bringing representatives and customers together instantly, Glance’s solutions enable frictionless personal collaboration in real time. With integrations with leading platforms like Genesys, Salesforce, Twilio, and Five9, Glance is compatible with various CRM, CCaaS, and homegrown solutions.

Attendees of Genesys Xperience can witness Glance’s intelligent Guided CX functionality firsthand at booth BS4. Those unable to attend the event can register for Glance’s live demo webinar on May 22, 2024.

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