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GlassView appoints Natasha Berney as Chief Growth Officer

With a 15-year career in creating solutions and driving growth for clients at Google and Microsoft, Natasha Berney will usher GlassView into its next phase of expansion

GlassView, the world’s largest independent video advertising distribution platform, today announced the appointment of Natasha Berney as Chief Growth Officer (CGO). Berney will be responsible for leading GlassView’s sales strategy domestically and internationally to drive revenue and deepen relationships with the company’s clients, which includes 80 Fortune 100 brands. She will report to James Brooks, Founder and CEO at GlassView.

Berney brings more than 15 years of experience developing high-performing sales teams and leading initiatives to enhance organizational performance. Most recently, she held the role of Head of Industry, Retail and Global Business Solutions, International Growth at Google, with a multi-billion book of advertising business. During her seven-year tenure at Google, she established new lines of specialty business at Google, which continued to perform in consecutive years.

“Natasha brings an impressive level of experience in leading sales strategies and international teams, and we’re ecstatic for her to join us as our Chief Growth Officer,” said James Brooks, CEO and Founder of GlassView. “To have an all-star of this magnitude join our team is a testament to the hard work and growth GlassView has accomplished over the past few years, and we’re thrilled to have her on board to help guide us through our next chapter of global expansion.”

Prior to Google, Natasha spent nearly 10 years at Microsoft, overseeing brand partnerships, while also building the company’s sales teams. Additionally, she developed outsource team models including scope of work and capacity planning and served as hiring manager for over 100 roles for Microsoft and Google.  She received her master’s in management from Harvard University.

“Brand market share is in more flux today than ever before, necessitating intelligent marketing strategies and activation,” said Natasha Berney, Chief Growth Officer. “GlassView has proved itself as a high-performing vehicle to drive brand growth and defend market share. The amount of opportunity for customers is tremendous, and I cannot wait to see how brands lean into our unique offering.”

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