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Glia helps Community First Credit Union transform member services

Personalized digital service puts members first and delivers strong ROI
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Glia, the leading provider of Digital Customer Service (DCS), has helped Community First Credit Union digitally transform member services to deliver high-touch, highly personalized OnScreen experiences. Community First’s human-centric digital approach has optimized how digital channels enable connections with members and provide online guidance.

This member-first approach has fueled a 36% increase in sales, driving especially strong results for loans where conversions have more than doubled in the first year with Glia. Community First loaned a record amount to consumers, homebuyers and businesses during that time.

“Our secret sauce is that we found a way to generate ROI by creating human connections through digital member servicing. Our lending team more than doubled production last year with Glia. It’s because we’re facilitating a digital experience that members find interesting and relevant,” said Jimmy Lovelace, SVP of Member Experience, Community First Credit Union.

Community First Gets Proactive

Glia’s OnScreen collaboration tools allow Community First to proactively reach out to members and provide online guidance for loan applications, which can be complex. With the ability to see the same screen as a member, service representatives immediately understand how to best provide support, offering help with an auto loan application, for example. CoBrowsing gets even more proactive, helping members to navigate the Loan Options site, find online resources and even fill out an application.

As a result, Community First has increased proactive engagement 9 times since deploying Glia, creating more opportunities and contributing significantly to the credit union’s strong growth in loans. This outreach capability has proven popular with Community First’s member services team.

“Digital Customer Service is all about connecting people and enabling personal, human experiences online. Community First Credit Union is a stellar example of an institution that has made the member experience its top priority, leading to tremendous growth and strong member satisfaction,” said Dan Michaeli, Co-Founder and CEO at Glia.

To learn more about Community First and its human-centric digital approach, read the Community First Case Study.

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