Globant Launches New Sales Studio to Enhance E-commerce Sales

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Globant’s Digital Sales Studio responds to the urgency of reinventing organizations’ approach to sales and marketing, putting AI- and data-powered technology at the center of business transformation.

Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company that offers innovative technology solutions, launched its Digital Sales Studio to disrupt traditional sales channels. The Studio aims to challenge e-commerce by placing the consumer at the center of strategy and applying technology at the service of the business to drive results.

“The pandemic has had a drastic impact on consumer experiences, and companies are facing the urgent need to reinvent their business models through extended technology capabilities to improve performance, staying at the forefront of digital consumption trends,” said Diego Tártara, Chief Technology Officer, Globant“The Digital Sales Studio is the answer to this challenge. It was born from Globant’s experience in digital transformation and has the mission of bringing together business, marketing and technology, guided by a holistic vision of the consumer.”

With this Studio, Globant seeks to eradicate the business paradigm based on traditional marketing, in which sales revolve around the features of a product. Instead, today’s strategy is focused on the consumer and requires a digital and cognitive transformation, forcing marketing and sales leaders to approach their business from a new perspective.

The Digital Sales Studio can collaborate mainly in two ways. First, by empowering companies that still retain their traditional sales channels to move towards online transactions. Second, by allowing companies that already work under e-commerce schemes to know their consumers better and make their marketing decisions based on data, unlocking new AI capabilities.

“A recent Globant survey showed that 90% of marketers claim that understanding consumer profiles is imperative to their organization, but only about half of them are prepared to use technology and data models to create more personalized experiences,” noted Pablo Monge, Global Head of Digital Sales Studio, Globant. “If we zoom in on digital investment, there is an incredible increase in marketing and advertising technology, but the challenge goes further; it means reacting in real-time to consumer demands, and this correspondence can only be carried out through quick access to the data and the capabilities to interpret and apply it.”

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