GoDaddy Expands Generative AI Prompt Library Capabilities

Free Prompt Library now includes new features, languages, and an expanded catalog

For small business owners, keeping up with the ever-changing capabilities of Generative AI (GenAI) can seem like a full-time job.

To help entrepreneurs put GenAI to work for them, GoDaddy has expanded its Small Business GenAI Prompt Library (, which launched last year. Business owners now have access to more than 185 prompts and fresh capabilities, all meant to turbo-charge small businesses’ growth and success.

Improving entrepreneurs’ access to AI prompts will help small business owners tackle some of the most common issues encountered when starting or running their businesses.

“GoDaddy’s GenAI Prompt Library is a powerful tool for small business owners interested in leveraging GenAI but don’t know where to start,” said Eugene Ware, director of engineering and machine learning at GoDaddy.

GoDaddy’s free GenAI Prompt Library now includes:

  • Updated prompts – When a prompt is copied from GoDaddy’s GenAI Prompt Library to a GenAI chatbot, it will now respond by asking questions, such as the user’s business name, target audience and location, to provide the best possible output.
  • Clip-to-copy icon – Allowing for a faster, easier transfer of an AI prompt from the library to a chatbot.
  • New categories – To further support the breadth of entrepreneurs’ needs, 43 new prompts have been added across five new categories, including:
    • Ad campaigns – display, print, radio, search engine marketing and social media
    • Branding – audience research, brand kits, personality, and tone and voice
    • Data analysis – paring data from customer feedback, reviews, sales, and support requests
    • Loyalty – recurring revenue, renewals, and retention
    • PR and outreach – campaigns and press releases, local SEO citations, media outreach, and sourcing news outlets

To ensure the GenAI Prompt Library resource stays impactful, GoDaddy will continue to evaluate prompts, monitor trends, and use real-time feedback from GenAI enthusiasts to keep content relevant.

In continuing support of small businesses, GoDaddy has also expanded access to its GenAI Prompt Library in India, alongside a Spanish-language library in MexicoColombia, and Spain, and a Portuguese library in Brazil.

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