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Gong announces improvements to the Gong Partner Network

Launches Recommended Contacts, Gong's first partner-enabled feature, to automate contact identification and sourcing

Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, today announced improvements to the Gong Partner Network designed to give ecosystem partners and customers more comprehensive ways to access insights delivered by the Gong Reality Platform. With more than 40 new partners added over the last two quarters, a new partner portal, and a platform feature that automates selling into the right contacts, the Gong ecosystem now offers new ways to help companies drive revenue growth using AI and automation.

As organizations of all sizes feel the pressure of inflation and shrinking budgets, they are taking a closer look at their IT investments to find opportunities to consolidate. By bringing together technology, services and consulting partners to deliver their solutions and expertise via Gong, customers can access the tools they need to drive revenue and transform sales processes across the entire funnel – all on a single AI-enabled platform.

Gong is revamping its partner program with new tiers and benefits for partners from all channels. The new Gong Partner Portal is the hub where partners can unlock resources to help grow their businesses with Gong. Partners will be able to leverage the portal to track and report on referral and resell opportunities with Gong, and access Gong’s asset library and trainings to help enable sales teams with insights and best practices from Gong’s network.

“Selling is critical in this economic environment, but we see companies struggling with how to grow revenue in a way that reflects the reality of their market and pipelines,” said Russell Dwyer, VP of Alliances & RevTec Services at Corporate Visions. “We have partnered with Gong to help our clients measure the effectiveness of their revenue growth strategies, identify coaching opportunities, mitigate pipeline risks, and optimize the efforts of their revenue teams at scale.”

Contact Data Integrations Enable Recommended Contacts

Today, Gong also made generally available Recommended Contacts, which leverages historical data from previous sales interactions to identify which decision makers and influencers contribute to higher win rates. For example, based on contextual signals such as the stage of a deal, Recommended Contacts will autonomously recommend a persona (for example, a VP of RevOps) at the prospect company that has been shown to yield success when incorporated in previous deals. Then, leveraging data from Gong’s contact data partners, it will surface the name and contact information of the specific individual. From there, teams can connect with multiple decision-makers and progress deals – all from a single, automated platform.

Delivered along with Apollo, Cognism, and LeadIQ, Recommended Contacts is the first feature on the Gong Reality Platform that is directly powered by partners, paving the way for continued innovation for the Gong Partner Network.

“Revenue organizations are at a pivotal moment in time – their role in driving company growth has never been more critical, while their roadblocks loom larger than ever,” said Eddie O’Brien, senior vice president, Partnerships, Gong. “By expanding the Gong Partner Network across the full sales funnel and enabling more automation and access options for our customers, we’re tapping an industry-best ecosystem to deliver maximum value to revenue teams.”

The Gong Partner Network is a large and expanding group of leading technology, service and consulting firms that partner with Gong to connect their tools and solutions to the Gong Reality Platform. The Gong Partner Network – now with more than 230 technology and channel partners – encompasses the Gong Collective, the leading marketplace for technology integrations for customer-facing teams. The Collective is designed to reduce integration complexity, simplify setup, and enable customers to unlock more value from the platform. To learn more about the Gong Partner Network, visit

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