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Google Awards MonetizeMore 2020 Innovation Award in Publishing Technology

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MonetizeMore has achieved the top echelon of ad tech innovation by winning the 2020 Google Certified Publishing Partner Program Innovation Award. MonetizeMore was chosen for its sophisticated machine learning solution to help publishers minimize ad fraud.

Traffic Cop is MonetizeMore’s proprietary Invalid Traffic Detection and Prevention software that uses advanced machine learning with fingerprinting algorithms to identify and block invalid traffic. This keeps publisher ad inventory safe from dramatic losses in revenue that leads to irreparable damage to their advertiser relationships. It also provides actionable data to help publishers prevent invalid traffic and ad setup policy violations so publishers don’t get blacklisted by advertisers.

This Innovation Award follows a series of major achievements this year from MonetizeMore. In October, MonetizeMore earned its spot on The Globe & Mail’s Canada’s Top Growing Companies with a three-year growth of 181%. Google also recently appointed MonetizeMore as a North America Google Certified Publishing Partner after exceeding rigorous policy standards, demonstrating expert knowledge of Google’s Publisher products, and providing excellent service to the digital publishing community.

“When the biggest player in Ad Tech recognizes your work with such a significant award, it’s an amazing feeling. Advertising fraud is a scourge of the ad tech industry that takes major innovation to fight back and make progress. As the industry continues to evolve, so will ad fraud, which means that the battle is far from over. We’re proud that Traffic Cop is leading the fight against invalid traffic and other forms of ad fraud.

Traffic Cop gives publishers the peace of mind that they have the most innovative software available to keep their traffic high quality and revenues safe. All types of companies in the programmatic value chain can rejoice thanks to that!” – Kean Graham, CEO of MonetizeMore.

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