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Gousto Chooses Sisense to Unlock the Value of its Data Analytics

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Leading AI-driven platform for infusing analytics everywhere, Sisense is set to enable recipe box company Gousto to strengthen its data democratization capability and support its next phase of growth

Sisense, the leading AI-driven platform for infusing analytics everywhere, today announced how its customer, UK-based online recipe box company Gousto is using the Sisense Fusion Platform to strengthen access to their self-serve data and enhance better reporting and data visualizations for their employees.

Gousto sends precise ingredients and recipe cards to households across the UK, delivering nearly 8 million meals monthly. The company has helped families through the pandemic by delivering delicious recipes to their door safely, while reducing food waste and inspiring every home cook to be more adventurous at dinnertime. During the pandemic, Gousto more than doubled sales as demand for online food accelerated.

As part of their next phase of growth, Gousto wanted to unlock more deeper, actionable insights from their data, and enable easier, faster, more ‘self-serve’ use of their data by their internal teams.

Gousto began looking to replace their legacy tool stack with an enterprise BI tool that could enable a wider array of visualizations and easier, more scalable ways to create compelling reports and dashboards for internal users and make it easy even for non-technical professionals.

Sisense stood out as Gousto’s platform of choice as it performed exceptionally well when it came to creating world class reports and dashboards for internal users easily and at scale.

Robert Barham, Director of Data at Gousto says implementing Sisense within the business is set to save time and create new opportunities by democratizing data. This means everyone in the organization can view and implement the data, start discovering new datasets, and leverage deeper insights, which will drive innovation while strengthening operational efficiency.

“Gousto brands itself, not just as a food company, but as a data company that loves food. We focus on taking a data first approach to how we operate, whether that be how we design our factories, or how we design our menus on our website. We have a number of data products that are optimizing the operation in that way,” he says.

“I’m really excited about how Sisense will help democratize data across the company. Sisense can help us put data in the hands of users who in the past hadn’t been able to go as deep in our data as they want to be. By leveraging Sisense, we can help our teams unlock new insights, come up with new ideas, and unlock the power of data across Gousto in a way that goes beyond what we’ve done so far.”

Asaf Tsur, Regional Vice President of Sales EMEA at Sisense, says they are proud to welcome a leading brand such as Gousto. We are humbled by the opportunity to help Gousto create new and powerful data democratization opportunities within their organization.

Partnering with data driven companies such as Gousto demonstrate Sisenses commitment to providing an exceptional end to end analytics platform that helps data driven enterprises make analytics and insights truly available to all parts of their business.

“It is incredible to see the number of organizations like Gousto who utilize Sisense to enhance the data experience for all their internal teams and ultimately benefit their customers by creating more personalized insight choices and innovative solutions.”

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