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For the first time ever, a lot of people are excited to engage with ads, surveys, emails, and marketing content.

Launched in late April, Granularity is a marketing technology platform that is changing how many consumers view marketing, advertising, and market research. The idea is pretty simple. Marketers create campaigns consisting of ads, surveys, inbox messages, and other marketing content and those campaigns are delivered to consumers on a mobile app.

You might be wondering, who in the world would actually use a mobile app where the only thing you can do is engage with ads and marketing content? Well, as it turns out, a lot of people … because Granularity pays consumers to provide data about themselves and again every time they engage with or share an ad, conduct a short survey, or view an inbox message.

This solves a couple of big problems for marketers: getting reliable feedback on marketing content can be time-consuming and expensive, and sometimes even finding an audience can be a challenge. Granularity is good for consumers too. Instead of skipping ads, deleting emails, or ignoring marketing content, they can now get paid to engage with them.

The mobile app is being extremely well-received because consumers are getting paid to “lease” data about themselves and do the things they’re already doing on other platforms, and because of this, marketers are benefiting because it allows them to reach users with better targeting, better engagement, and better feedback.

When asked about the positioning of the company, Anthony Snowell, Founder and CEO responded, “We’re not trying to compete with the big ad platforms. We’re simply trying to provide a valuable service to marketers which will help them find and reach a granular audience in a really easy way. This allows marketers to collect valuable information from their audience so they can make adjustments and get a better return on their investments.”

It’s important to note, Granularity isn’t just for marketers who want to do market research for ad campaigns. The platform is way more than that. Granularity allows marketers to field surveys and share other types of content with specific users on the platform. Even though the targeting capabilities are a huge draw for marketers, most of the magic is in the results. When marketers run a campaign, they only pay when their audience engages with their content, and they get to see results in real-time: exactly who responded, why they responded, and how to re-target specific users going forward.

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