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Greatness Digital Announces Shift to Senior Care Marketing Agency

The official motto of Greatness Digital is, "If You Serve Seniors, We Serve You". A perfect fit for the senior care industry's newest go-to agency for digital marketing.
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Greatness Digital, a digital marketing agency located in Oregon, has announced the official pivot of their firm towards the senior care and senior living industries.

After opening its doors in 2020 as a high-impact marketing agency, Greatness Digital thrived serving clients in all different industries, becoming a leader, and establishing a reputation that is truly reflective of its name, Greatness!

“The approach that we take requires us to really get to know our clients and their business, but we were stretching ourselves too thin to really be Great in every industry, so we decided to focus on our roots, our passion,” says Digital Stuntman and founder Zeth Owen.

The company’s leadership announced in May that it would look to exclusively serve the senior care industry.

The company’s founder, Zeth Owen, spent 10 years of his career working with seniors and their families. “The agency first came into being because senior care & senior living companies need a trusted source to create a digital strategy post Covid-19 and we knew we could be that source.”

Please visit to learn more about our team and our mission.

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