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Grid Dynamics Announces Partnership with Dataiku for Advanced Enterprise AI Solutions

Complementary solutions enable organizations to quickly implement advanced AI capabilities and benefit from cutting edge machine learning technologies
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Grid Dynamics Holdings, Inc., a global provider of data science and digital transformation services, today announced a partnership with Dataiku, one of the world’s leading Enterprise AI platforms.

The partnership brings together one of the most powerful toolkits for data preparation and ML models deployment, deep skills in business and technology strategy, and many years of experience in implementing data science and machine learning programs for Fortune 1000 clients.

“The Dataiku-Grid Dynamics partnership is a powerful combination. Dataiku’s platform capabilities complemented by Grid Dynamics’ expertise in state-of-the-art machine learning technology and large-scale digital transformation programs enable businesses to quickly deliver even the most challenging AI/ML programs and seamlessly integrate AI/ML features into marketing, revenue management, and supply chain operations,” said Ilya Katsov, Head of Data Science, Grid Dynamics.

“This partnership is a major milestone in Grid Dynamics’ strategic initiative to expand enterprise AI service offerings. We believe that many of our customers will benefit from Dataiku-based solutions,” added Max Martynov, CTO, Grid Dynamics

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