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Group 1 Automotive Selects Acxiom to Lead Enterprise-wide CDP

Group 1 leverages Acxiom's comprehensive solution to create seamless, personalized customer experiences while reducing cost, improving ROI and ensuring data privacy and security

Acxiom®, the customer intelligence company, today announced that one of the largest automotive groups in the United States, Group 1 Automotive (Group 1), has engaged Acxiom to implement a customer data platform (CDP) powered with its Real Identity™ solution across Group 1’s network of new and used vehicle dealerships. This privacy-first platform reconciles data from diverse touchpoints into a single customer view, empowering Group 1 with the insight needed to deliver tailored experiences for each of its customers throughout the stages of vehicle ownership.

Today’s automotive customer journey is scattered across multiple interactions, including online research, dealerships websites, in-person showroom visits, and digital apps, all of which creates siloes of disconnected data. An integrated CDP plus Real Identity solution captures and unifies this data in real-time to help clients across the automotive industry and throughout the value chain identify, understand, and engage their customers.

“Our solution presents Group 1 Automotive with the clearest possible understanding of who their customer is, so they can deliver the right message at the best time,” says John Campos, automotive industry managing director at Acxiom. “This personalized customer experience goes a long way in building brand loyalty. Our platform also establishes additional opportunities to reach customers throughout the ownership lifecycle, increasing dealership profitability through auto financing, insurance, and maintenance revenue streams, and, in the future, in-vehicle subscription offerings and other connected services.”

“Creating lasting relationships with our customers is at the heart of what we do, and we believe working with Acxiom puts us ahead of the game,” says Kimberly Barta, vice president, chief marketing officer at Group 1 Automotive. “The modern automotive customer expects relevant offers, provided through online channels and apps as well as dealership visits. Acxiom’s solution connects the dots of how, where and when our customers shop, allowing us to deliver personalized, real-time marketing the entire time they own the vehicle. Implementing this comprehensive solution improves our customers’ experience with us, increasing loyalty and sales opportunities. It also reduces budget costs while driving growth for our dealerships across our North American enterprise.”

For more information on Acxiom’s Automotive practice, visit our website.

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