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Growth Marketing Software Act-On Expands Cloud Infrastructure

New Data Capabilities in Canada Deepen Act-On’s Commitment to Global Compliance
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Act-On Software, the leading growth marketing platform, today announced its cloud infrastructure expansion into Canada to ensure top-of-market data compliance for Canadian customers and end-users. Act-On’s cloud expansion, in addition to existing infrastructure in the U.S. and Europe, sets it ahead of the industry by guaranteeing applications and databases can meet local data residency requirements in all three regions.

Act-On is doubling down on compliance for customers and their extended networks in Canada with this expansion, facilitating seamless, ongoing alignment with the country’s regulations. As Act-On continues to grow and provide solutions, meeting the needs of various data protection regimes is a top priority for the brand, as is giving companies control over where to host their data. For this expansion, the cloud offerings will go into effect mid-August and they will be immediately available for customers and end-users in Canada.

“We are committed to our growing base of Canadian companies and end-users long-term, and we know data privacy and compliance are top concerns for them,” says Aaron Johnson, chief product officer at Act-On. “Modern marketers are managing more data than ever and they must do it while complying with specific geographic regulations. With this cloud expansion, we are exceeding our industry peers and equipping Canadian marketers to create exceptional, compliant customer experiences with us every time.”

IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report says the average global data breach costs $3.86 million and takes 280 days to contain in 2020. With these consequences in mind, modern marketers are prioritizing compliance and privacy to maintain customer trust, align with local regulations and prevent costly financial disasters.

Act-On partner Goose Digital, a digital marketing company, says Act-On’s Canadian cloud offerings help assure it is meeting regulations not only for its marketing strategies but also for those of its extended user base.

“Organizations across Canada continue to invest heavily in digital marketing solutions to power next-generation experiences for their audiences. Ensuring these investments meet Canadian data and privacy standards is a unique differentiator,” says Michael Turcsanyi, CEO at Goose Digital. “This expansion demonstrates Act-On’s growing Canadian presence and commitment to providing best-of-breed marketing technology for Canadian businesses.”

Commercial companies operating in Canadian provinces must meet a variety of data privacy and protection standards when handling customer data. This includes regulations such as British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requiring that public sector entities use only cloud technologies that are hosted in Canada.

Act-On’s powerful marketing automation platform empowers modern marketers focused on growing their businesses, delivering exceptional brand experiences, and driving personalized product engagement.

Visit Act-On’s all-new website to learn more about its growth marketing solutions and platform.


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