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GS1 Compliance Enhances Lucid Green products


Lucid Green, the Smart Product Identifier (SPI) platform known for its unwavering commitment to trust and transparency in the cannabis sector, is proud to announce that its innovative LucidID system is now compliant with GS1 Digital Link standards. This advancement ensures that LucidIDs can seamlessly integrate with global supply chains, enhancing product traceability, safety, and consumer confidence.

LucidIDs, which can be applied at the manufacturing stage, provide unique, traceable identifiers for each product unit. These identifiers contain fully structured information about the product and unit, including manufacturing details and lab test results (if applicable). Throughout the entire supply chain—from casing to distribution tracking, retail receipt, inventory audit, and POS checkout, and into the hands of consumers—LucidIDs offer comprehensive provenance data at any step, creating an unbroken chain of custody.

“Lucid Green’s LucidIDs offer a dramatic and fully-realized solution for whole industries looking to take advantage of individual unit tracking,” said Larry Levy, CEO of Lucid Green.  “Within the legal cannabis industry, we have created and deployed our advanced item-level identification and tracking solution to almost 100 million units and hundreds of customers. To make the innovation of LucidIDs available to a wider audience, and in anticipation of the cannabis industry becoming mainstream, we use the GS1 information standard used across the world.”

Adopting GS1 standards allows LucidIDs to be compatible with standard POS, ERP, and shipping solutions already in use across various industries. This compatibility is a significant enhancement over existing market solutions, providing unique per-unit identifiers and a fully integrated information system with open APIs. The use of GS1 Digital Links for both item and container-level IDs ensures compatibility with existing solutions out of the box.

LucidIDs also provide the ability to track ingredient batch IDs, enabling traceability based on ingredient content and facilitating the broadcast of recalls and tracking of returns down to the individual unit. This system supports regulator reporting and can track the recycling of unit packaging through simple scanning at any stage in the supply chain.

“Adopting and adhering to GS1 standards is a significant step forward for Lucid Green,” added Dana Spiegel, Lucid Green’s CTO. “Our solution not only enhances traceability and safety within the cannabis industry but also positions us to expand our technology’s benefits to a broader range of industries.”

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