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GTM Partners released ROI Study of solutions announced the results of a third-party, analyst-validated ROI study from GTM Partners, a data-driven Go-to-Market analyst firm. The ROI study shows that’s solutions revolutionize prospecting, making it easier for businesses and better for buyers.

“Part of our mission to make Go-to-Market simple is to validate the ROI of various GTM technology vendors like,” says Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder and CEO at GTM Partners. “Our research found that automates top-of-funnel prospecting while directing human work to the most engaged leads. In the era of scaled outreach that’s mindful of tech consolidation and sales team efficiency, this is a win-win scenario.” modernizes sales engagement with AI-driven prospecting. AI Agents source and prioritize contacts, generate and send personalized messages, and accelerate engagement on priority leads 100% autonomously, so reps can focus on more impactful sales activities.

“Generative AI has opened the door to unprecedented levels of efficiency for GTM teams,” says Nina Butler, Head of Marketing at “As more enterprises embrace Generative AI technology, they’re finding that it can close existing pipeline gaps without investing in additional headcount by purely increasing the efficiency of their current team.”

GTM Partners’ ROI Studies leverage G2 data, interviews with customers, and case studies to provide readers with data-driven analysis of the problems a solution is intended to solve and how well it delivers on these promises.’s value is anchored on:

  • Automating repetitive tasks (like audience building, content personalization, and task execution) and optimizing reps’ time by surfacing the most engaged leads for follow-up.
  • Consolidating core revtech systems, using just one system to execute the prospecting motion.
  • Reducing the time reps need to spend on sourcing leads and writing cold emails, improving morale.
  • Ensuring timely communication based on marketing-approved language, enhancing marketing’s messaging consistency across all touchpoints. customers see material ROI for the use cases described in this study, including:

  • $27M in influenced pipeline from inbound lead response AI Agent in one quarter
  • 2x outbound meetings booked in less than one year
  • 48% positive email reply sentiment (an improvement from 35% in three months)
  • 100+ hours saved per month in GTM team productivity

“Based on our review of feedback from hundreds of customers via G2 and other sources, it’s clear that delivers on the promises of GenAI on outbound sales,” said GTM Partners co-founder and senior analyst, Bryan Brown. “This platform brings your CRM, sales engagement platform, and intent data under one umbrella, and uses AI to power audience discovery, lead sourcing, customized outbound messages, task execution, and follow-up.”

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